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I worship at the television altar
Quickie Smallville update
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audrey229 From: audrey229 Date: September 29th, 2010 01:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
Is it just me or does Tom's chest seem to continue to get bigger? Is this an optical illusion or something or is he reallly just. that. big.::gulp::

I'm starting to think the most ridiculous thing on this show is that I'm supposed to believe that Lois wouldn't be begging him to make love to her every second of the day.

I agree that Aaron Ashmore--when he was allowed to truly play the iconic Jimmy Olsen--was the best Jimmy Olsen ever.

Justin Whalin did grow on me and I thought he did a great job on LnC.

Supposedly Michael Landes' departure on LnC also had to do with his age. The network wanted a younger Jimmy. Landes was closer in age to Dean and Teri. Justin Whalin was 20 years or something. Go figure.

The network got rid of Cat Grant because they felt she was "too adult" for the show. What's interesting is that Deborah Joy Levine originally planned for "Lois and Clark" to be a show for adults. She wasn't gearing it towards a family audience. It was originally supposed to air at 10 PM. In many ways, the first season of LnC is more adult than the others. You can see it clearly in the pilot episode when Lois admits outright that she slept with someone at work. (Lois Lane would never do that!!! This must prove that she wasn't really Lois!!! )

The thing is....Lois is always a babe. That's not new on Smallville. On LnC men always thought Lois was hot as all get out. It was just that Lois was so rough around the edges that she often scared men off. But she was clearly a babe. Cat was more over the top about her sexuality and yet men always still seemed to want Lois which drove Cat crazy.

When I think of Cat Grant I feel like there are two major requirements: She needs to annoy Lois and get under her skin. And she needs to really like Clark. So we'll see how Smallville handles that. :)

Thanks for the pics!!

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