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Smallville: Brian and Kelly. Again, some more.

I can't keep up! Yet another interview with Brian and Kelly, from Vlada of Staying In.

I'm getting tired of hearing how Clark needs help from everyone, to push him along and help him overcome obstacles. He seemed pretty proactive and independent in Salvation. He provided leadership, inspired others, and saved the world! Can't we see more of that guy?

‘Smallville’ Showrunners Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders Tease Final Season
Posted: September 24, 2010
by Vlada

I don’t envy Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders. Yes, as the showrunners of Smallville, they know the fate of my favorite Smallville couples and all the big moments ahead for the show’s tenth and final season, which premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW. But they also have the enormously daunting task of crafting the series finale for a show about the evolution of Superman. Somehow, they still found time to talk to me about that pressure, what’s coming up this season, who’s coming back, who’s leaving, the 200th episode and more! And yes, Teri Hatcher (The New Adventures of Lois and Clark) is playing Lois’ mom, as first reported by EW. How brilliant is that?!

Not only are you in the tenth and final season of your show, but you’re dealing with an iconic character. Are you feeling a lot of pressure to deliver a proper finale that will please the fans and also live up to the hype?

Brian Peterson: That’s an understatement. [Laughs]

Kelly Souders: I’m not sure that it’s possible to feel more pressure right now. [Laughs]

I know Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are no longer working on the show, but did they have a vision for the end of the show that they shared with you?

Peterson: We worked so closely with them for so many years. Some of their ideas, they shared them with us. We’ve actually used some of them, probably a little early. [Laughs] We definitely had a few conversations with them before we took over.

Would it be safe to say the ending is more of your vision for the end of the series than theirs?

Souders: In a funny way, it’s like a combination. They set up the show in a way that it kind of naturally has one organic ending in a weird way. It’ll be a combination of things that they thought of, things that we thought of, and things that, I think, collectively we all came to on our own, as well.

At TCA Press Tour over the summer, Dawn Ostroff expressed interest in adapting another DC Comics property into a TV show. Is that something they’ve approached you about or that you’d be interested in doing?

Souders: We don’t know of anything specifically, to be honest. But obviously, we think it’s a great idea. [Laughs] It’s been on for a decade, and there’s so many fans of these characters. But we don’t know of anything in particular.

Peterson: If you find out, you could recommend us.

There’s been some speculation about Wonder Woman or a Justice League spinoff. Is there a character you’d like to tackle or would you just like to take a well-deserved breather?

Souders: Right now, to be honest, it’s the final season. There’s a lot going on. It’s really taking up all of our mental capacity and our focus, so we haven’t really been thinking about other superheroes at the moment.

Will we be seeing a Justice League episode in this season?

Peterson: It’s hard because, the Justice League – There’s so many people we’ve brought in to the show now. I’m not sure there’s a Justice League episode, per se, but you’ll be seeing people from the Justice League throughout the season.

The way you worked around Michael Rosenbaum in the premiere was not only one of the creepiest things I’ve seen on the show, but also quite clever. How will Lex shape Clark’s journey this season to his destiny?

Souders: In the premiere, [Lex] has an imprint and that imprint will continue off and on throughout the season. It kind of goes away for a while, but it lingers with one of the characters on the show pretty immediately. The presence will be there on and off through the season.

Is there any chance that Michael might come back? Have you reached out to him?

Souders: We would love for him to come back!

Peterson: We’re still very open. [Laughs]

Lois knows the truth about Clark, but now they’re both keeping these huge secrets from each other. Will that bring them closer together or push them apart?

Peterson: I would say it’ll do a little of both. I think each of them having their secret gives them certain status with each other. But there also some complications in keeping secrets from each other, which will play out

Outside of Clark, what kinds of stories are in store for Lois face this season? Will we see her wearing her journalist hat more?

Souders: She’s a busy lady. [Laughs] Obviously, she knows Clark’s secret. That will take up some of her time. We’ll see her on the journalism beat. There’s another character who will come in to The Daily Planet named Cat [Grant, played by Keri Lynn Pratt]. She’s annoyingly taking up some of Lois’ time.

Will Lois be facing some competition in the workplace?

Souders: She will! Some annoyingly sweet competition.

We’ll also be seeing Lois’ sister and father again. How does that affect Lois’ life?

Peterson: You can imagine if your father shows up for dinner and doesn’t really love superheroes and you’re living with one, that could get a little complicated. We’re really excited to have both Peyton [List] and Michael [Ironside] back on the show.

There’s so many characters coming back that you can’t help but notice that so far we haven’t heard about Martha Kent or Perry White or Pete. Are there still people you hope will come back or are you like, “We’ve got everyone we want”?

Souders: The season’s still evolving. And we love all of them, so we do hope that other people that aren’t quite in place yet will be coming back.

Unfortunately, Allison Mack’s only in five episodes this season.

Peterson: You’ll see her presence, I think, a little bit more than that even though Allison’s only in five. She has a pretty decent storyline even when she’s not on screen.

What does her departure mean for Watchtower and that crime-fighting league?

Souders: Her absence is greatly felt. That becomes very apparent by the end of episode two. But what she created there is something that will live on forever. Like Brian was saying, there’s always a presence of Chloe. We’ve been working with Allison on some of her storylines for when she comes back, which we’re really looking forward to. We’re about to start writing some of those. It’ll be wonderful to have her back on the show for a little bit.

Has it been hard saying goodbye to all these original cast members over the years, creatively and personally?

Peterson: I think absolutely because we’ve become friends with them as we work with them. But also, we’ve seen how they’ve been so dedicated to the show, yet have wanted to go off and explore other areas of their careers. It’s really encouraging to see that somebody like Allison is willing to come back and finish up the show the way it should be while still pursuing her dream.

And what does Chloe’s departure mean for Oliver? How’s it going to affect their relationship?

Souders: Oliver, as fans can attest to, is madly in love with her, so he’s completely heartbroken by it. When she comes back, it’s going to be a real change in his life. I think she meant something to him that he hadn’t had in his life in a long time. Her absence is keenly felt in his world.

Peterson: It propels him into a pretty major decision.

The final season brings another big milestone: the 200th episode. What can you tease about that episode?

Peterson: Wow. [Pauses] There’s almost so many great moments, it’s hard to tease any one of them. The one thing that we can tease is that it’s the return of Brainiac in the form of Brainiac 5 (James Marsters), a way we’ve never seen him on the show. He will play a really major role in Clark’s life in that episode.

Souders: He actually kind of helps to change Clark forever, helps him get over a few obstacles he’s been wrestling with up till now. Part of doing that will allow the audience to see some old, familiar faces.

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