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New Smallville promos!

Brian Peterson talks about S10. It's not very spoilery at all; he mostly recaps where we left off at the end of S9. My favorite quote?

"The rule on Smallville has always been, no tights, no flights, as everybody knows, but it's season 10, so I think it's time for some of the rules to go out the window."

SQUEEEE! I can't wait for this season to begin! TOMORROW NIGHT!

Smallville "Lazarus Episode Preview":

I haven't actually watched this clip, and I'm not going to, because I hear it's VERY spoilery. But I'm posting it for all my fellow spoiler whores. :)

Smallville "Lazarus Preview Clip 2":

Michael Shanks gave an interview at Dragon-Con, and this is what the reporter related about Carter Hall's return to Smallville:

The character is set to make his next appearance in the episode ‘Shield’, premiering October 1st in Smallville on the CW, a Warner Brothers company. According to Mr. Shanks, we will find Carter Hall in Egypt hunting down Lois Lane. There, Carter tells Lois of his relationship with Shayera and how it parallels Clark’s relationship with Lois. Hall informs Lane that Clark will need Lois down the line if he is going to succeed in his endeavors. Mr. Shanks also said that he is going back to shoot another episode later in the season, though he didn’t know the name of the episode at the time.


This isn't news of any kind, but I'm a dork, so it made me happy. Carina MacKenzie from Zap2it interviewed Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from Supernatural yesterday, and they were saying that S6 has been challenging for them because of how their characters have changed since the end of S5. They're having to shift gears in their acting right when they thought they had their characters all figured out, and Jared shared this:

"We talked to [Smallville's Tom Welling], and he's like, yeah, Season 6, it's easy from there on out. We're like, it got harder!"

I love the idea of all these guys I fangirl hanging out together (where are the pics?) and talking shop, so quotes like this just make me smile.


A few spoilery tweets from journalists who interviewed Laura Vandervoort on the set of V today:

NatalieAbrams Laura Vandervoort says Kara will be trying to teach Clark how to fly. Also, episode is left open ended. I hope she returns!

EricIGN Laura Vandervoort says her upcoming Smallville episode leaves door open for her to come back, but nothing is set.

MattMitovich Smallville's Laura Vandervoort says Kara will stay in Metropolis, though we might not see her again.
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