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More Gale Harold interviews! - I worship at the television altar
More Gale Harold interviews!
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g_m_h_3 From: g_m_h_3 Date: September 23rd, 2010 09:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
\o/ Yet another wonderful round up! Thanks so much for pulling everything together, as always! Such a pleasure to read these interviews again :) Still haven't stopped smiling over the wonderful things he said about his fans :) Yesterday was amazing! I am so sleep-deprived, but ohsoveryhappy *g* And finally getting to see him as Julian... OMG! Absolutely loved everything about his performance. The accent (*thud*), the look, the attitude... *dreamy sigh* He is on really stunning form, and I am so thrilled to see them giving him some great screen time and some fantastic lines. I absolutely can't wait for his next appearance! "I'll be here with bells on!" ;)

And thank you so much for this:
"Thanks to g_m_h_3 for giving me the heads up on these. RL has kept me mostly offline this week, but she makes sure I don't miss anything important when it comes to Gale! ♥"
AWWW! It is my absolute pleasure, hon! One good turn deserves another, and we can't have you missing out! I hope things ease off on the RL front soon :) ♥
4 comments or Leave a comment