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Smallville update!

I scanned another vintage Smallville article, from the March 28, 2002 issue of Rolling Stone. This was one of Tom's earliest interviews, and unfortunately, I think the experience went a long way toward giving him the wariness of the media he has now. The reporter talks to Tom, Michael, and Kristin. I've read the article before, as I'm sure most of you have, but I had never seen it in print. Here is the cover. Click for BIGGER.

Clickable thumbnails of the article.

I also made a crop of the pic. Click for BIGGER.

A bunch of TV journalists are in Vancouver this week, visiting the sets of the Warner Brothers shows that film there, including Smallville, Supernatural, Hellcats, Fringe, Human Target, and V, and covering Smallville's 200th episode party this coming Saturday. Follow @cadlymack, @EricIGN, @MattMitovich, @NatalieAbrams, and @LauinLA on Twitter to get all the scoop. And follow @skesser, WB publicist extraordinaire, who is also there coordinating the junket. My favorite pic from yesterday was this one of Cassidy Freeman's dog, Shasta, in Clark's loft, tweeted by Eric Goldman from IGN.

Casting scoop from the set, as reported by Carina MacKenzie from Zap2it. This is great news, I love Lindsay!

'Smallville': Lindsay Hartley, wife of Justin, gets her hands dirty
By Carina Adly MacKenzie
September 21, 2010 10:01 PM ET

Love is in the air on the "Smallville" set for Green Arrow Justin Hartley... and this time, it isn't with Chloe. His real-life wife, "Days of Our Lives" star Lindsay Hartley (nee Korman) is making an appearance in Metropolis.

Details on her character are scarce, but we do know that she'll show up in the eighth episode of Season 10, "Abandoned." Executive producer Kelly Souders says, "We are thrilled to have Lindsay on Smallville," Souders says. "We've all been looking for a fun opportunity for the last year."

Though Lindsay and Justin won't share any scenes, she will "have her hands full with Clark," says Souders. "Her character is a woman who takes matters into her own hands, and those hands are wickedly dangerous."

Hmmm... things are looking very handsy around here.


There was a Smallville question in this week's Mega Buzz from TV Guide.

I've watched the Smallville trailer a hundred times. What should we make of Chloe putting on Dr. Fate's helmet? — Evan
Not that much. While we're pretty sure she's not going to be the next Dr. Fate, that scene is quite significant. Chloe uses the helmet to find Oliver, and while she's wearing it, she sees several other intriguing things — not the least of which is Clark not wearing black.


Matt Mitovich shared some scoop about Lazarus in this week's edition of The Big Tease on Fancast.

The ‘Smallville‘ premiere is almost here. I know you’ve got some Clois scoop you’ve been saving for this week, right? – Kristina
Now that I have seen the season opener, I sure do. You know how there’s been so much talk from the exec producers about how fun things will be now that Lois knows, but Clark doesn’t know she knows? “Fun” doesn’t begin to describe it. I was seriously LOL. Just wait for the scene where Lois goes fumbling for a pen.

What’s next for ‘Smallville’s Chloe? – violetturtle via Comments
She is desperate to locate Oliver, who last was seen being attacked by a swarm of somethings that weren’t Kandorians – and you know what they say about “desperate times.” P.S. I saw one “Lazarus” review that said Chloe and Ollie share no scenes together. This is not true – and yes, I am a stickler for semantics.

I would like a ‘Smallville‘ scoop about Clark’s progression toward being Superman. – DullyEl via Twitter
This Friday, you will get a good look at the supersuit, Clark will get a good look at the suit… and so will someone else. Really, the “S” is so much better in Technicolor.

OMG, I am so excited about the final season of ‘Smallville.’ Must have some scoop! – Mario
Toward the very end of the premiere, there is a moment that made me literally exclaim “Wow!” at my TV set. I wasn’t quite sure they would “go there,” but god bless ‘em, they did.


Smallville had a few mentions in the September 27 - October 3, 2010 issue of TV Guide.

Shield made #3 on The Guide: What's Worth Watching:

ETA: Damian Holbrook from TV Guide also posted this story online, with a less fuzzy version of their exclusive pic of Lois Lane with Carter Hall.

Smallville First Look: Carter Hall Returns!
Sep 23, 2010 01:47 PM ET
by Damian Holbrook

Forget the Great Pyramids. The real sight to see in Egypt is TV Guide Magazine's exclusive photo of Smallville's Lois Lane (Erica Durance) hanging with Carter Hall (Michael Shanks)!

The grump also known as Hawkman flies back in for the Oct. 1st episode to keep an eye on Lois as she begins her new assignment in North Africa... and to fill Clark Kent's gal pal in on his own tortured past with true love Shayera (Sahar Biniaz). Hopefully, his tale convinces the ace reporter to hightail it back to Metropolis, because the episode also introduces Keri Lynn Pratt as pesky new Daily Planet-eer Cat Grant, as well as Bradley Stryker as notorious DC Comics assassin Deadshot.

Are you so excited about Carter's return? What about the new characters heading to town?


Meanwhile, back at the Daily Planet:

From TV Insider:

See all ten pages of the special free preview of Action Comics that introduces Chloe Sullivan at Voices From Krypton HERE.

And finally, let's all watch that awesome SPACE promo again. Two more days!!

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