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New Smallville promos!

There are a couple of new Smallville promos for S10, check them out below.

SpoilerTV has a clip from Lazarus with Tess:


The CW site has the promo that aired last night, but with an additional scene from Supergirl at the end. Watch it HERE.

I'm actually encouraged by both of these. It looks like we're not getting Fake!Lex or a clone, we're getting the real Lex. Maybe even onscreen, if you put the best possible spin on what Michael said at Insurgence. The clones are there to heal him, not replace him. Is Lionel involved somehow? And if Lex's DNA can heal Tess, does that mean she's a Luthor?

I still have a sick feeling in my stomach about Kara teaching Clark to fly (because that has to be what Laura was talking about in that CW Connect interview, right?), but at least he's being strong and self-assured in that scene with her. Maybe the episode isn't going to play out like I've been fearing at all. *is trying to be optimistic*

If by any chance you missed the Laura Vandervoort interview, here it is:

Less than a week now! I'm so excited!
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