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Gale Harold at PaleyFest!

Thanks to gale-harold.it, we have some wonderful pics of Gale Harold at last night's PaleyFest Fall TV Preview Party for the CW. Special thanks to g_m_h_3 for the heads up! Gale was at the event along with executive producer Kevin Murphy to represent Hellcats. I'm thinking that has to mean his character will be in a significant number of episodes, right?

See more pics HERE.

The Paley Center should have some pics up later today. When they post them, I'll add them here. If anyone finds HQ versions of these or any other pics, let me know!

The Futon Critic has been posting video interviews from PaleyFest the morning after each event. I'll keep an eye out for those, too. I greatly appreciate The Futon Critic's coverage of PaleyFest, but I thought one of their tweets last night was kind of annoying.

I LOVE that Gale takes his role so seriously, and puts so much thought and care into his performance. And I'm sure the other cast members are passionate about their characters as well. It seems that Hellcats faces some of the same prejudices as a show that the squad has to deal with in the episodes.

ETA: The Futon Critic interviews! The interviewer is Jim Halterman. Kevin Murphy says there will be a soundtrack!

Gale Harold:


Kevin Murphy:


ETA2: The Paley Center posted pics, these two were new to me:


ETA3: dawnybee attended the event! Read all about it HERE!
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