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Hellcats interviews

Another interview with Aly Michalka at Supergirl Jam has popped up, and this time there was a question about Tom Welling! Here's what Aly had to say:

Tom Welling is a producer on this show. Is he on the set at all?

Oh, yeah! He comes to set as much as he can 'cause he's obviously filming his show [Smallville] right now — his last season. But he was just on the set on our last episode — came and saw this really cool dance battle that we had in this really neat area of Vancouver on the street, so he was there for one of our night shoots. He's such a great guy. He's really involved in the show, and that's so amazing to me; he's not just putting his name on it. He's actually doing the work.

Read the entire interview by Ryan Gajewski for Wetpaint HERE. Thanks to Hellcats Fans for the heads up!

Also at Supergirl Jam, KTLA talked to Aly Michalka and Robbie Jones.



See larger versions of these videos and more at the KTLA Hellcats page HERE.

Ashley Tisdale talked to Cindy Clark for USA Today about Hellcats and her career plans going forward. Read her interview HERE.
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