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Smallville 5 Challenge #2

Okay, Smallville fans, we're back for another round of the Smallville 5 Challenge! I had fun with this last week, and I hope you did too. Once again we have quotes, screen caps, and trivia questions, all in sets of 5. This week we add a new section, songs of Smallville. Thanks to ophelia_77 for her suggestion to include music in the game! Questions are here; answers are in a following post. Ready? Here we go!

Smallville 5 Challenge #2

Part 1: Memorable Quotes

5 quotes. Can you identify the episodes?

1) "I gotta believe somebody, Chloe."

2) "You're the closest I've had to a real friend my whole life. You don't have to hide anything from me."

3) "What are you waiting for? He deserves to die!"

4) "All my life, I've had to second guess the intentions of others. I'd reached the point where I started to think friends were a luxury I couldn't afford. Until I met you, Clark. From the day you pulled me out of that river, you've been the one person I could trust completely."

5) "You know, the choice is yours. You can either sit in your loft and play with your telescope, or move on."

Part II: Screen Caps

5 screen caps. Can you identify the episodes?






BONUS! 5 screen caps of Wet!Clark. Yum. Can you identify the episodes?






Screen caps courtesy of acampbell and SmallvilleDedication, with my thanks!

Part III: Songs

5 songs. Can you identify the scene and episode during which each song is played?

1) One Thing - Finger Eleven

2) Beautiful Day - U2

3) Truth or Dare - N.E.R.D.

4) My Eyes - Travis

5) Ache - James Carrington

Part IV: Trivia

1) What were the names of Clark's adoptive paternal grandparents?

2) What are the predominant colors of the LuthorCorp logo?

3) What is the significance of Miller's Field in Smallville lore?

4) How old was Lex when he was caught in the first meteor shower?

5) When we first met Clark, he was aware of only two of his special abilities: super strength and speed. Can you name, in order, the other super powers he has discovered in himself over the course of the series? In which episode does each of his abilities first appear?

And that's it! Go HERE to check your answers. Thanks for playing!
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