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Allie Bertram talks to the Calgary Herald

Allie Bertram is a Canadian actress and dancer who got her start on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. She appeared in Supernatural last season, and has upcoming roles in both Hellcats and Smallville. She was recently interviewed by Eric Volmers for the Calgary Herald, and here is an excerpt where she talks about her time on both shows. SPOILERS.

Her biggest role to date will air on the CW sometime in October, when she plays a high-school reporter working alongside a young Clark Kent and Lois Lane in an episode of the cult TV show Smallville.

In September, she will be a part of the regular cast of Hellcats, a Glee-like entry from the CW about college cheerleaders. She'll play a member of a holy-rolling squad called the Memphis Christian Cyclones, who are from a Catholic school and the chief rivals of the title characters led by Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical fame.

"Glee was such a huge hit," she says. "It has a similar concept, but it is different. It's with university so it's a bit older and it's cheerleading as opposed to the glee club. The actors have been learning to dance and to cheer and the cheerleaders have been learning to dance. The great thing about it is the choreographer is Paul Becker, who I worked with on So You Think You Can Dance. I knew the choreographer before I even auditioned."

Like Smallville, Hellcats is executive produced by Clark Kent himself, actor Tom Welling. Since Bertram's role in Smallville had her acting alongside Welling, she is hoping it leads to more face time and lines in future Hellcat episodes.

Read the entire article HERE.

Allie appears in Smallville's 200th episode, Homecoming. I'm not up on all the latest spoilers, and I don't know what to make of the phrase, "a young Clark Kent and Lois Lane." Is that just a description of Smallville's general premise, or are they telling us that Clark and Lois somehow travel back in time when they visit Smallville High? I'm probably reading way too much into it, but I never know what to think with this show. :)

There is also an article about another Hellcats dancer, Tyrell Witherspoon, in the Brandon Sun, but you have have to be a paid subscriber to see that one, so I can't read it. :( I'm hoping one of the fan sites can get permission to post it.

ETA: Yay! Thanks to kinwad, we now have a link to the interview with Tyrell! Read it HERE.
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