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Hellcats featured in Nylon Magazine

Hellcats is featured in the September 2010 issue of Nylon Magazine. It's great coverage for the show, but as a Tom fan, I'm a little put out. In direct contrast to the recent NY Times article, Nylon makes it sound like Tom has had nothing to do with the development of the show, or its ongoing production, and we all know that is far from the truth. They do offer this interesting tidbit about Tom Welling Productions, though:

As is sometimes the case with long-serving, key actors on a TV show, Welling was given the opportunity to start a production company by Warner Bros., the studio which jointly owns the CW network, with CBS Corp. Tom Welling Productions, Marcantonio tells me, is the only company that originated from an actor's deal to get a show on the air at Warner Bros. in 10 years.

Clickable thumbnails of the article:

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