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I'm late with all this stuff! I picked a bad morning to be away from the computer! :)

Allison Mack recently spoke to PopWrap for the New York Post about the play she's currently in and what lies ahead for her, on Smallville and beyond. Here is what she had to say about Chloe:

PopWrap: I would imagine that after nine seasons, it's pretty easy to slip into Chloe's skin though.
Allison: Uh yea, Chloe feels very familiar by this point. Although, she’s very different than I am – I put on my high heels, my tight pants, they do my hair and it feels very different. It’s quite a different experience being her than being me.

PW: Does preparing to play her for the final time feel different?
Allison: Yea. I think that I have a much deeper appreciation for what I have with that character and that show. Just the privilege it’s been to play her. It’s like the Joni Mitchell song, “you don’t know what you have till it’s gone.” Because ["Smallville' is] winding down, I’m able to really evaluate the life she has led, which has been a real honor.

PW: What's important to you in the way Chloe's story is wrapped up?
Allison: Just that she maintains her integrity. That she really upholds what is important to her and doesn’t sacrifice anyone. I spent a lot of time playing a character who gives up a lot of the things that are most important to her, for the sake of other people. I think she’s finally reached a point in her own maturation process where she doesn’t do that anymore. I hope the writers maintain that standard as we end her run.

PW: Do you know how many episodes you'll be back for?
Allison: I’ll be back for five total episodes.

PW: I heard that the incredibly loyal fans were one of the reasons you decided to return. True?
Allison: Definitely. They were the reason I decided to come back. I was very much ready to move on, and not because I was unhappy with the show or that anything bad happened, I was just very much ready to enter a new phase of my life. But I realized as we came towards the end of the season that my character wasn’t getting a completion. I didn’t feel comfortable walking away from the show, and my character, without a completion. So I committed to doing five episodes to giving her the ending I think she deserves. I do think there’s a relationship between my character and the people who’ve watched the show for so many years. I want to honor them, her and myself.

Read the entire interview HERE.

William Keck from TV Guide gives us a sneak peek at Kara's return to Smallville, including a pic of Laura Vandervoort in a dark wig and glasses. I have to admit, my first reaction is one of dismay, but I'm trying to have an open mind and wait to see how it plays out onscreen before I judge.

Keck's Exclusives: Smallville Suits Up Supergirl!
Aug 23, 2010 11:37 AM ET
by William Keck

Smallville offers an exciting glimpse of what's to come for Clark Kent in the show's final season with the October 8 return of V's Laura Vandervoort as Clark's cousin Kara, who has been MIA for almost two years. "Kara returns in a very heroic way," Laura tells me. "When I found out this could be my last episode, I thought it would be great to see a quick glimpse of her in the uniform before she takes off." Lucky Laura's getting her wish!

"You really see her as Supergirl," says exec producer Kelly Souders. "Not the whole outfit, but her wardrobe will have evolved even a little more than Clark's. She's less Kara and way more Supergirl." Watch for Kara to don her new look for a photo shoot after she becomes a media darling following a heroic save that reveals her flying capabilities to the world. To protect her superhero identity, "You'll see Kara in the [brunette] wig and glasses [as] a bit of an homage to her other identity from the comics, Linda Lee Danvers," Laura says.

Might Clark be inspired to further define his own blurred personas? Souders hints, "Kara has a lot of input down the road in Clark's transformation into Superman."


TV Guide has also posted a BTS video about the making of Absolute Justice (a special feature from the upcoming S9 DVD set), with glimpses of Tom directing! Watch it HERE.

Fandoms collide! Erica Cerra, who plays Jo on Eureka, has verified via Twitter that she will be guest starring on Smallville. Thanks to @OfficialThad, who first broke the news that she would appear in 10x5, Isis.

In scheduling news, Smallville will not air in the final two weeks before the S10 premiere. According to the Futon Critic, that time slot will be reserved for repeat showings of Hellcats, Tom's new show that debuts next Wednesday, September 8, at 9PM. Supernatural will be similarly preempted by Nikita.

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