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Smallville spotted filming on location today!

Smallville is filming their 200th episode this week, and today Tom Welling and Erica Durance were spotted on location at Vancouver Technical School, aka Smallville High! Some tidbits shared by those watching:

Clark and Lois drove up in Clark's truck and went up the steps of Smallville High. They appeared to be returning for Homecoming (the title of the episode). Clark was heard to say, "It's good to be back," as he got out of the truck. He was wearing his letterman jacket, and Lois was wearing a yellow dress. The school was covered in red and yellow banners proclaiming, "Go Crows!" Extras were dressed as jocks and cheerleaders.

The actors and crew members seemed to be having lots of fun at the shoot, with smiles all around. There were at least a couple of paparazzi there, so there will be pics, but I won't be posting any of them here. I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding them if you want to see them. :)

An actor who recently worked on Smallville talked to the Edmonton Sun about his experiences on set:

Edmonton model on Smallville
Last Updated: August 16, 2010 6:58pm

Ron Wear, also known as Mr. World Canada, was cast in a supporting role for the B.C.-filmed TV show. “They are long days but the guys are so much fun to work with,” said Wear, 31, from his home in Vancouver Monday.

While on set last month, Wear met Tom Welling -- better known as Superman (Clark Kent). He said Welling is private and mostly keeps to himself, but is a nice guy.

“It was cool to meet him. I am a fanboy of Superman,” said Wear, who represents Canada in the male version of Miss World.

Wear said he must have made an impression because he was asked to return to the Burnaby set next Monday for the filming of another episode.

He can’t share much about his role in season 10 -- the final season -- because he is sworn to secrecy, Wear said.

But he did say he is in scenes with one of the main characters, Supergirl played by Laura Vandervoort.

“It was kind of nerve-wracking,” said Wear. “But it’s so much fun to interact with other people and see the finished product after wards.”


You can watch the CW 2010 Fall Preview Special, scheduled to be broadcast later this month, online now at the CW site HERE. Featured shows: The Vampire Diaries, Hellcats, Nikita, Smallville, and Shedding for the Wedding. I didn't notice much in the way of new footage (the Smallville segment was the S10 trailer that turned up online this past weekend, and for Hellcats they showed the six-minute extended trailer), but I'm thrilled that the special focused on Smallville!
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