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Smallville alum to appear on Hellcats

According to IMDb, Ryan Kennedy, who played Rokk on Smallville in Legion and Doomsday, has been cast as Jake Harrow, a charming but dangerous football player, in at least one episode of Hellcats.

I'm excited to see this news! Ryan's Cosmic Boy was my favorite of the Legionnaires, and I'm always hoping he'll turn up on my TV screen in other roles. So far I've seen him on SGU, V, and Psych, and he's also been on Caprica and Sanctuary. Can you tell he's a Vancouver actor? :)

The following promo isn't new, but when I posted it back in May, the only version I could find was a low quality tape someone had made of it playing on their computer. Warner Brothers just added it to their site, so I'm sharing it again. I'm such a dork, but this is my favorite promo for the show, simply because it includes this frame:

Go Tom! :) Here's the promo:

View it bigger at theWB.com's Hellcats page HERE.

If you're outside the U.S., I'm sorry you can't see this. :( You can watch the original YouTube version HERE.
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