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Smallville updates

1) Smallville was mentioned in the August 16-29, 2010 issue of TV Guide, in their feature about SDCC.

This is also the issue with the annual article about who makes what on TV. I imagine Tom is happy he managed to stay off the list this year, but one of the stars of his new show was featured.

2) Give Me My Remote posted the second half of their print interview with Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders, in which they discuss their plans for Chloe this season in depth, and I added it to my previous GMMR entry. Find the updated post HERE.

3) Brian and Kelly also talked to Matt Mitovich for Fancast, and he shared the following in this week's The Big Tease:

We know Brainiac (James Marsters) is returning for ‘Smallville’s 200th episode, but can you tell us what else will happen? – blackdashund via Twitter
The landmark hour, exec producer Brian Peterson says, is pegged to “one big event – and you have to wait for the last few minutes for it.” The episode as a whole will “explore a little bit of the past, the present and the future. We kind of do a little look back to where we’ve been, and we also take a look at where Clark is going.” Oh, and Brainiac? “You get to see a little bit of the old villain that we all love,” says EP Kelly Souders, “but with a new twist.”

4) More from Kelly in this week's Mega Buzz from TV Guide:

What can you tell me about the returns of Brainiac and Supergirl on Smallville? — Jeff
James Marsters returns as Brainiac 5, who, despite being a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the comic books, executive producer Kelly Souders describes as "a slippery fish" with a questionable moral compass. As for Supergirl, expect her to have a more dramatic impact this time around: "She's going to shake up the world for our superheroes," Souders says.

5) John Schneider is scheduled to appear at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con on August 21-22, 2010, and he recently spoke to blogger Nash Nova about his return to Smallville to promote the event.

It's a nice, in-depth interview, but we heard most of what he shares at SDCC, except that he clarifies that all his scenes have been with Clark (and Clark alone) so far, and he speculates that he will be in as many as 12 episodes. Wait. What?! I love Jonathan, and I've missed him lots, but there is no way I think he should be in half of S10!

John Schneider Interview: Jonathan Kent returns for final season of Smallville
Nash Nova on 08.09.10 at 7:39 AM

Smallville's Jonathan Kent is possibly one of the best TV dads around. Superman's values of "truth, justice, and the American way" are a direct result of his upbringing on the Kent Farm. The Kents were caring people with strong morals, family was the most important thing to them, and they always chose to do the right thing. If more families were like the Kents, the world would be a better place.

Tragically, Smallville viewers said farewell to Jonathan Kent, played by John Schneider, in the 100th episode when Mr. Kent died of heart failure. Fast forward to 4 years later, Smallville viewers now anxiously await the 10th and final season of their beloved show. Much to their surprise, John Schneider is called back to the set to reprise his role of Jonathan Kent. I had the pleasure of speaking with the talented John Schneider about his return to Smallville.

NaShantá: Big news about Smallville, and you returning to the show.

John Schneider:
I know, I know. Rumors of my death and been greatly exaggerated.

Nash: How surprised were you? Or were you expecting to come back?

I really wasn't surprised. I figured if they made it to 10 years, they'd want to start wrapping things up. Having done quite a few comic conventions and events across the world, the number one thing I kept hearing was, "When is Clark going to go back to the farm? When are they going to ground the show again?" The producers, and the writers of the show, they listened. I expected, maybe somewhere towards the end of the season, I'd get a call. I didn't really think it was going to be the beginning of the season. I'm honored, I'm thrilled!

Nash: We're excited to see you back. I'm interested to see how they bring your character back into the story after being dead for 4-years.

They're clever, but it's mysterious as well. I've got to tell you, the dialogue in the scenes that Tom (Welling) and I have done together is the best dialogue I've had in the show. And I think Smallville is incredibly well written, so I mean a lot when I say that. The work that we've done so far has just been terrific, and it's very exciting.

Nash: Can you tell us how many episodes you'll be featured in this season?

I honestly don't know. I know it will be no less than 3, and likely no more than 12.

Nash: Oh my gosh, I didn't think you'd be featured so much. I thought we'd see you maybe once or twice.

Well, I think so. I keep getting calls.

Nash: So are you done recording your scenes, or do you keep going back to Vancouver to shoot?

Yeah, I keep going back. It's on a show-by-show basis.

Nash: That's so exciting. What does it feel like being back, after being gone for so long?

Going was kind of odd. It was like going up to do a movie in Vancouver. But as soon as I got there, the camera operator is the same, the director of photography is actually a director now, just a bunch of the same faces. It was really kind of like a high school reunion, well...college reunion. It felt great, and I was welcomed right away.

Nash: Do you share any scenes with anyone other than Clark?

Not yet. I think I will down the road, but not yet. It's a mystery and I can't really answer that. It's a mystery as to the tangibility of my character. Does that make any sense?

Nash: Well, I can only assume that you're some kind of spirit or ghost...

I would assume that, but I really don't know. And I've done some work on it, so I'm really not sure. They're very very clever when they write these. This is going to be a great thing for people to wonder, because I really can't answer. But if I have interaction with other characters, then I must be real. If I don't, then I must be either a ghost or a collection of memories and lessons that Clark learned as a child...but I have gotten older.

Nash: Yes...well you can't stop time in real life. But I guess they could have used make up to make you look younger.

(laughs) No, I've never been one for makeup.

Nash: Have you been keeping up with the show at all since you've been gone? Have you been watching it?

I did for the first couple of years, but honestly I have fallen away after a while here. I did like the show much more after he got out of high school.

Nash: I love how the show has been changing. I was 16-years-old when it premiered, and I'll be 26 when it's over.

It's apart of your life then.

Nash: Yes, I've literally grown up with this show and the show has grown so much too. Clark is embracing his destiny and living more of the double life of a super hero now. The show has just done so well. What do you think it is about Smallville that sets it apart from other sci-fi series?

Honestly, I think its how it started. I don't think it's so much where it is, but how the series started with the reality of being on a farm. Growing up on a farm is what grounded Superman. The reality of having to do chores, the reality of having to be responsible, to be able to get in trouble and be reprimanded by your parents. I think all that made, for the first time, a super hero really human. Really human! Much more so than the super heroes who actually are human. Clark grew up on a farm, he's from another planet, but he grew up like anyone who lives in an agricultural community. With chores, and 4H, and having to do what his parents said. He's different from Spider-Man and different from Batman. This show makes him more like you and me.

Nash: I think a lot of what makes Clark Kent's character so strong is that relationship he has with his parents. He was a teenager when the show began, and lots of teens don't have that kind of relationship with their parents. The Kents are the family everyone wishes they had...

Well, thank you for that.

Nash: (laughs) Playing Jonathan Kent, have you taken anything from that character and applied it to your own family living at all?

Actually it was at first more the other way. It was me applying the kind of dad I was at home, to raising Superman, or well Clark Kent. Jonathan is a wonderful father, he had a wonderful relationship with his son, but he also had a son who would listen. We don't all have that. At 18, a son that will actually sit down when you tell him to, and listen to what you have to say is pretty unusual in the parenting world. In many regards, since my kids were younger when we started the show, I was applying my parenting to the show. As things moved on I started to wish that I was as good a parent as Jonathan was on Smallville.

Nash: Well your kids are teenagers now right?

Two of them are, and one in their 20s

Nash: Do you feel like you have that Clark/Jonathan relationship with your kids now?

I do. I try to. Kids don't pay as much attention to their parents as Clark did to us, because our scenes aren't written at home. (laughs) That I find to be the hardest thing, is to get your kids to have a conversation with you, let alone listen to what you have to say. That's a tough one.

Nash: I know you directed one episode, Talisman, which was pretty amazing. It reminded me a bit of Lord of the Rings, with this relic that corrupts people with power.

Yeah, I enjoyed that very much. I liked the Native American or Aboriginal aspect of the mythology with Naman and Segeeth. It was a lot of fun, but it also brought in a new kind of look to the bad guys. It was nice to have some people in the show that weren't like the regular meteor "freak of the week."

Nash: Did you get to choose that episode? How did they decide which episode you would direct?

I didn't get to choose which episode, no you have to fight tooth and nail to get to direct an episode.

Nash: Do you think you'll get a chance to direct any of the final season?

No they're set. They've got all their directors already.

Nash: What's your favorite episode, or favorite memory from working on the show?

Wow (laughs), it would have to be when I first saw the pilot. I realized that it was truly something exceptionally good and unusual. I saw it and it was truly an amazing piece of television.

Nash: Before I let you go, I wanted to tell you, when the Chicago Comic Con people contacted me about interviewing someone, you were the first person on my list. So I'm really honored that you took the time out to talk with me today. Thank you so much.

Awww, bless your heart. I'm delighted to help. Well, I encourage people to do what they love to do, and to follow their dreams. And I'm honored that I could be apart of your dream.

Fans can meet John Schneider August 21 and 22, 2010 at Chicago Comic Con, in Rosmont, IL.

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