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SDCC: Cassidy Freeman talks to GMMR

Give Me My Remote interviewed Cassidy Freeman at the Syfy party, the night before the SDCC Smallville panel. I don't know if they talked to anyone else from Smallville, but if more vids turn up, I'll post them here.


ETA2: Video interview with Justin Hartley, also at the Syfy party. Is there an interview with Erica out there as well?


ETA4: Yes, there is an interview with Erica Durance, and here it is!


ETA: Another interview, this time in print, with Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders.

SMALLVILLE Producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson Tease the Final Season
July 30, 2010 by Marisa

As SMALLVILLE gears up for its last season, fans prepare to say farewell to their favorite characters…and everyone is wondering what will happen in the final hours of the series.

So GIVE ME MY REMOTE spent some quality time with SMALLVILLE executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson who offered a few teases on some of season 10′s lingering issues…

Season finale fallout:
“[The confrontation with Zod] sends [Clark] in a different trajectory,” Souders says. “I don’t know [that] it’s something people are going to see coming and I think it’s going to propel him out of the first episode with a very clear problem in his lap. He realizes he’s not the guy that everyone looks to when they think of Superman, who everybody looks to as inspirational and a clear-hearted guy. That’s not who Clark Kent is right now and that becomes very clear to him in the premiere.”

Lois knows Clark is the Blur:
“What’s fun is Clark has been raised keeping secrets,” Peterson says. “Lois, not so much. And so watching Lois trying to keep this amazing secret is going to be a fascinating struggle of will.”

And while in the Superman mythology, Lois shouldn’t know yet that Clark is Superman, that might not totally impact whether SMALLVILLE’s Lois is still in the know by the time the series ends.

“We’re sticking pretty true to our own mythology,” he says. “But I think there are some twists along the way that will make fans of the original comic and graphic novel very happy.”

The resurrection of Tess:
“You know what’s fun about Tess?” Peterson asks. “She’s a bit of a sleeper this year — she has some gigantic secrets that are going to come out, probably bigger than anybody. But nobody’s really been asking about that, so that’s a fun thing to let you guys know about.”

Kara’s return:
“We’re about to start shooting that [episode] on Friday…[fans will] see a little more Supergirl than Kara [this time around],” Souders says. “She shakes up the world for all of our superheroes a little.”

But will she be teaching Clark how to fly? “Funny you should ask that…” Peterson teases, declining to elaborate further.

Oliver’s search for the MIA Chloe:
“Hunting [for Chloe] might not be a good thing,” Souders hints. “So he has to weigh that decision…Giving up might not be quite the way he looks at it. Letting go might have to be part of his story.”

How they are going to explain Clark keeping his Blur identity hidden, since he’s been sans glasses as both Clark and the Blur:
“Just watch the 200th show,” Souders say. “You get a little bit of a glimpse into how that gets pulled off.”

Returning faves:
Will Lionel be back? “He’s someone we’d love to see back,” Souders says. “We had so much fun having Martha back last year and Perry and obviously with bringing [James] Marsters back, we want to see old familiar faces, but in a new way.”

And Lex? Could he have a body-double? “All we’ve been able to say is Lex always had a back-up plan,” Peterson teases.

The duo also hints that another fan-favorite could be up in the mix this season, but declined to name who it would be for fear of jinxing the deal. Peterson did hint that “it’s someone the fans would love to see back, but it’s not necessarily one of the people on everyone’s radar.”

Hmm. Any guesses?

And Allison Mack fans, don’t worry, we didn’t forget about your girl.

Check back soon for Souders and Peterson’s thoughts on Chloe’s exit and what’s to come for her…


ETA3: The second half of the interview with Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders.

What’s Up With SMALLVILLE’s Chloe in Season 10? Producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders Answer Some Burning Questions
August 9, 2010 by Marisa

As SMALLVILLE heads into its final season, fans of original cast member Allison Mack (Chloe) prepare to accept her reduced role on the series.

It’s all good news for Mack — who is currently doing a play in New York — but SMALLVILLE viewers are understandably bummed and wondering what’s next for Chloe.

GIVE ME MY REMOTE caught up with show producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders to hear what they had to say about the departure of Ms. Sullivan…

The big question for many SMALLVILLE fans is how many episodes will Chloe be in this season. Do you have a number for them?
Brian Peterson:
Kelly Souders: We don’t exactly know [how many] yet.
BP: Several [episodes], but what’s great is what’s happening with her character is so strong that it kind of propels through some of the episodes she’s not in. So she’s really kept very much alive in the season. I think we really believe that Chloe and the Chlollie fans will be really happy with the way we are sending her character off.

Speaking of Chloe-Oliver and their fans, were you expecting their relationship to take off the way it did?
When we saw “Roulette,” the last scene between Chloe and Oliver, we [took notice]. We weren’t really thinking anything at the time [when it was written], but when we saw the footage, we all sat around and went, “What is happening on screen? There’s like this insane chemistry!” And then we saw once it aired how much people were in to it. So those moments are where it’s exciting and where it gels and we’re happy.

When I spoke with Justin Hartley (Oliver), he mentioned that Chloe’s departure is due to someone taking her. He also said Oliver will spend time searching for her. So what can you tease about that storyline?
Wow, Justin talking out of school! [Laughs] That is true. I think you will be very surprised at who–
KS: And how.
BP: –and in what way she reemerges.

Will she perhaps reemerge as someone fans of the SUPERMAN comics would recognize?
Like everything in SMALLVILLE, there is always a SMALLVILLE spin on any moment from the comics. We love to do nods to them and I think Chloe’s character evolves and as much as she came into fruition last year and took control and [took] charge, it’s going to be tenfold this year.

Will you be spreading out the episodes Allison will appear in? For instance, do you know if she’ll be in the series finale?
We don’t know that yet.
BP: We know there will be several episodes [she'll be in] mid-season, but it’s really too hard to plan for the series finale right now.

Here’s hoping she’s in that last ep, because it wouldn’t feel right without her.

Excited to see how the writers send Chloe off? Nervous?

Make sure to check GIVE ME MY REMOTE later this week for our interview with Erica Durance!

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