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SDCC: Smallville talks to KTLA

Television station KTLA's coverage of the Smallville press room at SDCC. I've been hanging on to these, hoping they would post the video for Tom and Cassidy. If and when they do, I'll update here. All vids have now been posted!

Tom Welling:

ETA3: Yay!! We finally have the Tom interview!


Tom Welling as he shares with us what character he'd love to see coming back towards the end of the series.

Erica Durance:


Justin Hartley:


Cassidy Freeman:

ETA: We have video! Cassidy talks about her dog!


Cassidy Freeman as she talks about what Tess Mercer's face will look like on season 10.

John Schneider:


Laura Vandervoort:


ETA2: Two more, all we need now is Tom.

Brian Peterson:


Kelly Souders:


For a bigger view, click on "FULL SCREEN" in the upper left-hand corner of the video player.


Also, Ed Gross of Earth's Mightiest and Voices From Krypton posted these audio recordings of the Smallville press roundtable interviews.

Erica Durance (read a transcript HERE):


Brian Peterson (read a transcript HERE):


ETA: A new one!

Kelly Souders (read a transcript HERE):


ETA4: And another!

John Schneider (read a transcript HERE):


ETA5: And they keep on coming. :)

Justin Hartley (read a transcript HERE):


ETA6: Okay, I believe this one is the last. Yay for a complete set!

Cassidy Freeman (read a transcript HERE):

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