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Would you like to play a game?

Supernatural fans on my flist, this is for you. With no new episode this Thursday, and many more such Thursdays to follow as the writers' strike continues, I wanted to think of something fun to do on the night I would normally set aside for Supernatural. So I came up with an idea for a little game. I'm calling it the Supernatural 5 Challenge, and it consists of quotes, screen caps, and trivia questions, all in sets of 5, and all about Supernatural.

I'll post the questions here, and the answers in a following post. That way, you can try to solve the questions here, and when you're ready, go over to the answer post to see how you did. So what do you think? Would you like to play a game?

Supernatural 5 Challenge #1

Part 1: Memorable Quotes

This week I give you 5 Dean Winchester quotes. Can you identify the episodes?

1) "Oh, God, kill me now."

2) "That's not fear. That's precaution."

3) "I mean, ever since Dad, all I, all I can think about is how much this job's cost us. We've lost so much. We've sacrificed so much."

4) "Okay, thank you, Unsolved Mysteries."

5) "I'm tired, Sam. I'm tired of this job, this life, this weight on my shoulders, man, I'm tired of it."

Part II: Screen Caps

This week I give you 5 screen caps of Sam and Dean. Can you identify the episodes?






Screen caps courtesy of marishna, oxoniensis, and Striped Wall, with my thanks!

Part III: Trivia

1) What song does Dean sing in the Impala after hearing it on the jukebox in the Roadhouse?

2) According to Supernatural lore, what is the only way to kill a vampire?

3) In Episode 2.21 - All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One, the YED gathers 5 "special kids" in a deserted town. What are their names, and what special ability does each one possess?

4) What Latin phrase is inscribed on the Colt, and what does it mean?

5) Can you name all three license plates we have seen on the Impala during the series (state and number)?

So, what did you think? Go HERE to check your answers. Thanks for playing, and if you liked it, we'll do it again next week!
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