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SDCC: Upcoming guest star talks about Tom Welling

James Marsters appeared at SDCC yesterday for the Caprica panel, and the moderator, Geoff Boucher from the L.A. Times, asked him about Smallville. I already posted about what James said, but here's a complete transcript, if you're interested.

GB: You're gonna be on Smallville pretty soon, is that right?

JM: Yeah! They're gonna come and kick my butt again. Yeah, I'm going to the 200th episode.

GB: 200! Wow. That's amazing. Why do you think that show has resonated so long?

JM: I think because Tom Welling still looks hot. He moisturizes, so they could go for another five years.

GB: Oh, his skin looks young?

JM: Yeah, he looks fabulous! That's your basic job on television, man. You gotta be the freshest little piece of fruit that you can have, you know?

GB: Does that make you hate him in any way?

JM: No, not at all.

GB: Nothing but love?

JM: He is smarter than you think he is. Like, a lot smarter. Because he's the first to tell you, man, "you know, I don't play an intellectual character." And he's actually a bit nastier than you would ever expect either.

GB: And he's really not stupid, okay!

JM: No, he's not, at all, and a really good director. One of their best, actually. Yeah.

Watch a clip!

Later James talked a little about Brainiac.

JM: Brainiac is just ALL manipulation. He just pretends he cares about you, but he doesn't care about you at all.

And that's why we love him, James. :) I can't wait to see what he's up to in S10. And thanks to ophelia_77, who was there, you can also download clips of these two parts from MU HERE and HERE.

Tom's personal trainer mentioned him on Twitter again recently.

Is it terrible that I hope this means Tom has a shirtless scene coming up? :) And I love that he has become a role model because of his business savvy and success. He must be on top of the world these days.
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