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SDCC: The Barenaked Ladies sing TBBT theme song live! - I worship at the television altar — LiveJournal
SDCC: The Barenaked Ladies sing TBBT theme song live!
The Barenaked Ladies were surprise guests at the panel for The Big Bang Theory at San Diego Comic-Con today, and they led the audience in a group sing-along of the show's theme song!

ETA: Ooh, this one is gorgeous!!

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chris_43 From: chris_43 Date: July 23rd, 2010 11:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
This was awesome! A lot of fun and TBBT theme song is GREAT. *claps*
tariel22 From: tariel22 Date: July 24th, 2010 07:33 am (UTC) (Link)
Wasn't that great? It's cool enough that they got them to write and record the theme song in the first place, but to come and perform it live? Wow. And then they played at the WB party later.

I hope someone posts video of the rest of the panel. TBBT is one of my favorite shows.
From: super_robyn Date: July 24th, 2010 05:35 am (UTC) (Link)
Hee!! Oh to have been there for that panel... I had twitter open on my phone all day and had seen Wil Wheaton mention an "epic surprise". Pure awesomeness. :-D I can't wait for more videos to surface!
tariel22 From: tariel22 Date: July 24th, 2010 07:35 am (UTC) (Link)
Everyone who attended said the panel was one of the best ever. I hope we get to see it.

Love your icon!
From: super_robyn Date: July 25th, 2010 07:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
Did you see the clip of Jim and Kaley singing Soft Kitty??? ♥
whimsywinx From: whimsywinx Date: July 24th, 2010 03:40 pm (UTC) (Link)

Can you believe bananabehr and ophelia77 didn't tell me they did this, or that Jim sung Soft Kitty?! *is not bitter*
tariel22 From: tariel22 Date: July 24th, 2010 10:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
It was beyond awesome! With bonus Wil Wheaton, whom I adore!

They must be having such an amazing time. I hate my work right now. *sigh*
sunflowercyn10 From: sunflowercyn10 Date: July 24th, 2010 06:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
That's so cool! The song is so much fun but then again I love a lot of their songs including their children's songs.

They are so much fun aren't they? They are from the city I now live - Toronto :) The former co-lead singer Steve Page lives in my neighborhood. They were performing during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and just for fun they decided to just go out on the street in Vancouver and start busking for the people to celebrate the Olympics being there. Then they just jumped up onto the outdoor stage/studio for the Canadian network that was doing the coverage and hijacked their live coverage and started doing a song live on TV. *grins*
tariel22 From: tariel22 Date: July 24th, 2010 10:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
They really are unique. I love their enthusiasm, and their accessibility. I had no idea they did children's songs!

That's a great story about the Olympics, how fun. They played at my sister's company Christmas party one year, and she counts it as one of the most amazing nights of her life.
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