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Smallville: Caroline Dries talks to Durance Magazine

Durance Magazine interviewed former Smallville writer and producer Caroline Dries for their July issue, and she had this to say when they asked what she thought of Tom Welling:

You mean the guy who’s made this the longest running superhero TV show? Yeah, I guess he’s doing an okay job. Whenever Tom came into production meetings, his thoughts were always spot-on. He’s so smart. I really appreciated that. He’s really funny too, which is why the Clark/Lois stuff comes off so well. He’s really collaborative and I have a feeling all of these factors are going to make him a very successful producer for Hellcats.


I will never get tired of hearing people say nice things about Tom. :) And these are the opinions I trust and respect most, from the professionals who have worked alongside him on Smallville.

In other news, every season of Smallville is now available in the U.S. iTunes store! When did that happen? Yay! \o/
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