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Hellcats update

First things first: be on the lookout for new Tommy pics! The same paparazzo who took that incredible YVR shot ran into Tom Welling yesterday.

I'm such a hypocrite. I hate that these guys harass Tom (a couple more were complaining about him on Twitter last night), but of course I still look at the pics. I guess I draw the line at invading his privacy or especially his personal space. I can't really fault someone for taking a pic on a public street from a respectable distance, but accosting him, forcing a conversation, and criticizing him to his face, as one did yesterday? That's so wrong.

ETA: The pics have turned up, but I won't be posting them. It's clear Tom didn't want his picture taken yesterday, and I want to honor that.

In Hellcats news, Zap2it is reporting that D.B. Woodside has been cast as Derrick Altman, a sports doctor for the cheer squad and Vanessa's live-in boyfriend. Most people know him as President Palmer on 24, or Principal Wood on Buffy. The role of Red has not yet been cast.


Almost all the actors in the Hellcats cast have Twitter accounts, and there are a bunch of backup dancers and cheerleaders who have been tweeting about the show as well. This is quite a switch from the secrecy that shrouds the Smallville set. I can remember several instances during S9 where an actor was cast in Smallville and started tweeting slightly spoilery things about their role, only to have those tweets disappear overnight, and any further talk of the show become quite guarded. I've also seen extras refer to the strict rules they have to follow on set, and the non-disclosure forms they're required to sign. It seems that the Hellcats set is quite the opposite. One of the dancers is even blogging about the show!

Check out the tweets below from a PA on the set. She's not only disclosing filming locations, she's inviting fans to come by and watch! Is this the show's way of using social networking sites to create buzz? Interesting.


I start filming TheCW #Hellcats this week! Nice weather for making a TV show. I hope it doesn't rain, oops did I just jinx myself?


Day one of filming for episode one of TheCW #Hellcats. Should be a long interesting day. Hopefully not to windy like today. #vancouver

Going to bed. Early #Calltime tomorrow. I can't wait for the day to be over and it hasn't started yet. #filmmakingvancouver


Just got to set of #Hellcats. It's early and kinda cold at 6am. Also I may have just locked my keys in the car. #waytooearly

The smell at the PNE is making me kinda sick. #Vancouver stinks in the morning, like dead people. I wonder where the trailers are??

Watching the beautiful football players on #Hellcats change into their gear. Wow, I love my job right now! #HotGuys

The grass at Pacific Col is fake. So ia the dirt. Pass it on. #hellcats

Tried to snap some pictures of the hunky footballers but my phone camera sucks. #hellcats

Almost done for the day. A couple more things for me to do and thats a wrap. Well at least until tomorrow. #Hellcats.

Done for the day, heading home. 5am calltime tomorrow. #hellcats

A fan asks: Where was filming today? Indoors?
We were at the PNE and then a move to North Van Docks. We were outside all day and it was hot! Sunburn much!! #Hellcats

Finally home from Day 1 of #Hellcats. Eating my stolen melted Peanut Cups and drinking a beer! Chillaxin!!! Up at 4am! Yuck.

Tomorrow is the Official 1st day of filming #Hellcats. UBC people, drop by for a visit. At least I'm going to have a nice tanned face!


Trying to snap some pics of set today. It's so hot in here! #Hellcats

Maybe even some video, if my phone doesnt crap out on me! #hellcats

Ashley Tisdale is so tiny! And so is her uniform, I'm loving her hair color! #OnSet #Hellcats

Sorry It's been a crazy day. Onto our last scene and then home. So not looking forward to Downtown shooting in the am! #Hellcats

Sorry for not getting any pics or vids today. My battery has the same life span as a fruit fly. Getting a new phone!!! Good nite!
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