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Q&A with Laura Vandervoort and Sam Witwer

The 32nd Annual Superman Celebration was held in Metropolis, IL, last weekend, with special guests Laura Vandervoort and Sam Witwer from Smallville. One of the events was a Q&A session, and the Superboy Homepage was there to record it. The site has posted the 40-minute audio file as a download, so you can listen as if you were there yourself. Find it HERE. I transcribed a few of my favorite quotes.

Laura and Sam talked about what it was like to work with Tom Welling:

Laura: I didn't mind going in to work. You know, I've told this story before, I think, but when I first met Tom, we had a scene together in the kitchen that we had to do, and he just meets me for the first time, and I think it was a line where he says "Oh, that makes you my cousin," and in rehearsal he was joking around, because we were standing very close, and when he said, "You're my cousin," he took a step backwards like, oh, I can't be this close to you. We were just having fun with the fact that, you know, it was a little awkward. It's too bad he's my cousin.

Sam: Well, Tom's about 7'2". You know, I'm used to going on sets and being one of the taller guys. I'm 6'1', so I'm not giant, but I'm pretty tall, I guess, 6'1". And you arrive on Smallville, and just, you notice everyone is a giant on that set? Justin Hartley's like 6'3", Tom Welling's like 6'5", the girls are tall, the...

Laura: With heels. Tom wears heels. That's what I'm saying. We're kidding.

Sam: There's one point where me and Tom are grabbing each other, and I'm trying to choke him, something, and they made some comment, you know, they were shooting on one side, and they were like, "You just look a little bit like you're kind of reaching up and you're hunched up like this," and I'm like, "He ate his Wheaties, man, what do you want me to do? There's nothing I can do!" And so we actually, for that shot, I stood on my toes, so I was like, "Arrrgh, I got you now!" Because I'm supposed to be able to kick his ass. In fact, when I met him, I walked up and said, I don't know if he knew who I was, and I was like, "Hey, are you, you're the super guy? Yeah? Um, yeah, I kill you." And he goes, "Oh! Someone has to." So that was my intro to Tom.

Moderator: Do they have a sign outside on the sound stage, you must be at least this tall to be on Smallville?

Sam: Honestly, I was the short guy on Smallville, at 6'1".

A fan asked if they thought Clark would finally fly in S10:

Laura: If I have anything to do with it he will.

Fan: Just take him up and drop him!

Laura: I tried to do that [in] S7, there's a scene where we're in the loft, I don't know if you guys remember it, I'm telling him to fly, and we were rehearsing it, it was just basically a scene where I'm standing behind him telling him how to do it, and during the rehearsal, Tom and I were joking, and I kind of pushed him, and the director loved that, so they had that. I think they might have taken it out, it was a shot of me pushing his elbows. It's always fun because we get to add our own little humor to it, but I know how much everybody wants him to fly. I'm telling you, I'm trying, if I'm ever back on the show, I will try.

Laura and Sam also talked about whether or not they had the freedom to improvise on Smallville, and their answers couldn't have been more different. Sam said he could get away with a lot, while Laura felt almost completely constrained. I'm sure Sam, with his experience and confidence, was much more inclined to test his limits than Laura was in her first big role, but I can't help but wonder how much things changed on set when the new showrunners took over at the beginning of S8. I wish we could hear Tom's perspective on that transition. Here is what Laura shared about playing Kara:

Laura: I really didn't have a lot of say at the beginning of the series because they were very specific about Supergirl, and how she came across. I remember, my first day in the trailer, in full uniform... and five producers came in, stood around me, circled me, and looked me up and down to make sure that I was what they wanted people to see as Supergirl. So that was intimidating, but eventually I got more say, and put a bit of my own personality into her, but with dialogue and things like that they really don't allow you to stray too much because it is very specific, for the fans.

In terms of Supergirl, that's an iconic character, and when I got the role, I knew there was a lot of weight going to be on my shoulders, and they expressed that. I had a few meetings with them about how she was supposed to speak, walk, everything. They were very specific, and I knew I had big shoes to fill, or a big cape to fill, or a big, whatever, skirt to fill. A short skirt.

You know what, I think the scene that really brought it around for me was the scene I did with Tom in the barn. It's a scene when... I was telling him how my family was gone, I'm completely alone. It was a very nice, warm scene with Tom, and I call him Kal-El, and he finally says, "Clark." And then I say, "Clark." He says he'll be my family. That was such a touching scene for me, and I felt like I was really a part of the show at that point, because before she was very flighty, and this really brought her down to earth. She was part of the family.

And then obviously, doing the photo shoots for Supergirl, the Supergirl stances, and seeing the dolls, and all of that, really made me feel great about being a part of this iconic character.

Laura also mentioned that Tom is a great director. :)

The Entertainment Wrap Up posted a recap of the Q&A a few days ago, with lots of quotes I didn't include here. If you missed it, you can read it HERE.
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