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Hellcats filming resumes on July 14

Hellcats Update!

1) According to the DGC BC and the UBCP, the official shooting schedule for Hellcats is from July 14 to November 18, 2010. The Futon Critic says the show has a 13-episode order.

2) It looks like Hellcats won't be sharing studio space with Smallville. The production offices are listed at the address for Vancouver Film Studios, where Fringe and Eureka are filmed.

3) Hellcats was voted the second most anticipated new show for the fall on E!Online's Watch with Kristin (Hawaii Five-O was number one).

4) On May 28, The Gentlemen's Guide to Midnite Cinema podcast posted an interview with Allan Arkush, the director of the Hellcats pilot and one of the executive producers on the show. It's a long, fascinating look at his entire career, and he spends a couple of minutes talking about his newest project (no mention of Tom, unfortunately):

Rupert Pupkin: What's your new show?

Allan Arkush:
It's called Hellcats... It's a musical about competitive collegiate cheerleaders. It's got Ashley Tisdale in it, and Aly Michalka, and it's really funny and it's really good. It's a real musical. I directed the pilot. I just finished it. In fact, all weekend I'm looking at directors' reels to make a list of directors to hire for the show.

RP: When you were working on this pilot, what kind of influences did you have?

On Hellcats? The first movie of FAME, which had a nice reality to it, and a sense of how hard-- trying to be an artist, or a dancer, or an actor is hard work, and cheerleaders are athletes. So we borrowed from that, and also All That Jazz, the dancer's life, and the discipline it takes. So those were the two big influences so far.

RP: So it's much more serious, and not like a Bring It On kind of thing?

Well, see, it has elements of Bring It On, because Bring It On did a good job in showing how cheers are done. But it's not one of those-- Bring It On is like Mean Girls with cheerleading. [But] Mean Girls is a really great movie.
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