April 23rd, 2009


Smallville Every Episode: The Birthday Edition!

Today is acampbell's birthday! Happy Birthday, Alison! Thank you for your friendship, your wit, your intelligence, your passion, your fan fic, and your beautiful, wonderful screen caps! I make a lot of Smallville picspams, and I'd be lost without your caps. I'm probably posting this too late for you to see on your actual birthday, but please know you were in my thoughts all day today. *big birthday hugs*

To celebrate your special day, I'm bringing back Every Episode, my little picspam game. Because you're all about the Clex, and because I know how much you love those golden early days of Smallville, the subject of this one (a double edition!) is S1 Lex and Clark. That means there is one screen cap of Lex, and one screen cap of Clark, from every episode of Smallville's first season. Come on in and just enjoy the pretty, or play the game and see if you can match each screen cap to the episode from which it came. Extra credit if you can find and identify the five shared looks between the boys!

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Go HERE to check your answers. Thanks for playing!