tariel22 (tariel22) wrote,

Smallville: Tom Welling talks to E!Online

Kristin Dos Santos from E!Online's Watch with Kristin interviews Tom Welling at the CW Upfronts, plus a short clip of Tom signing autographs!

My favorite part? Tommy talking about Michael, of course!

"I'm doing everything I can to get Michael Rosenbaum to come back. Michael? Please? You can't have the show without Lex Luthor, and there's no Lex Luthor to me except Michael. He's the best."

A snippet of Tom with the fans!

If you're like me and just want to watch this over and over again, here is the clip from the PIX11 interview where Tom shamelessly woos Michael back to Smallville. :)

The entire interview segment, in case you missed it. Thanks to jeannev for the heads up!

Tags: e!online, interview, smallville, tom welling, upfronts, youtube
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