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Tom Welling mentioned at Supernatural Con

Hey, guys, I haven't been around this week at all, I'm buried in work, but I wanted to share this quickie Tom Welling story from my lovely friend katysam. This past Sunday she attended the Samantha Ferris Q & A at the All Hell Breaks Loose II Supernatural Con in Melbourne, Australia, and Tom's name came up.

Samantha Ferris as prison warden Anita Stone in Smallville's Scare. Screen cap by acampbell.

Somebody asked Samantha if there was a spin-off show with Ellen running the Roadhouse with Jo in pig tales (eg. prequel thingy) who would she want to play her husband? She got stuck on this and couldn't think of anyone. People were calling out all kinds of names to her - Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, Richard Dean Anderson, Kevin Costner, George Clooney, Jim Beaver, etc. She shook her head and screwed her face up at most of them and laughed at the suggestion of Jim! LOL!

Anyway, she settled on picking [Sam Rockwell], and moved on to the next question. I can't remember what that question was but it got her talking about The CW and how Supernatural was "safe" on The CW because the ratings were OK and The CW only had "that other show about Superman." She then went, "Oh! Oh! The guy in that. What's his name... Tom Welling? An older version of that beautiful young thing!" (in answer to the previous question about who she'd like to play her husband!!!). I knew immediately that I had to tell you. :D

I wish I'd written it down at the time because I can't remember exactly what she said but suffice to say, she was gushing over Tom Welling! :)

It's always nice to see Tommy getting some love, especially from someone I adore as much as Sam Ferris. :) Huge thanks to Katy for thinking of me, and taking the time to share! Okay, it's back to the grindstone for me. Sorry to have disappeared so completely, but my current project is due Friday morning, so I'll definitely be back for the finale. And come hell or high water, I will post my review of Hostage before that!
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