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Smallville: Erica Durance on Twitter

Erica Durance tweeted live during the east coast broadcast of Smallville tonight! She had some lovely things to say about Tom Welling:

Fun, awkward scene at the table! FYI actually choked on the potatoes, Tom helped me out there!

Just FYI Tom is much funnier than I am in real life!

He's a gentleman

He has absolutely no airs about him, totally grounded and lovely

He is one of the nicest people you could meet. It is a pleasure

Would you like to do more than act, like write or produce?
Right now loving the acting! But who wouldn't want to boss Tom around lol!

She also said this about the finale, which seems to suggest there will be no reveal:

Perfect cliffhanger and set-up for some fun with the triangle next year! Please watch

Some other interesting tidbits she shared:

Before we start I just wanted to let you know that I don't have any personal, Twitter, Facebook or myspace pages.

In response to a question about Lois kissing the Blur:
We all knew that this was all about the triangle between them and it only makes it more spicy

This scene with Annette was a thrill! Lois loves having a mother figure around! Total acceptance

I love being a part of something to legendary and possitive as the Superman Mythology

Your funniest episode to film this season?
So many were great! Loved Persuasion! How much fun to scare the crap out of Clark

Do you prefer playing sarcastic, funny Lois or romantic Lois?
I like to keep her sarcastic, and a little bit romance! But I personally enjoy the irony!

On a subconcsious level I often ask myself if she already does

Your favorite episode?
So many! Usually anything with a lot of Lois and Clark comedy! It's a riot

She is flawed! Makes mistakes just like everyone else, but strives to better herself

Your favorite episode? [asked again]
This year! Idol, Persuasion, and the Salvation!

In response to a compliment about her hair:
it's so nice to have it back to the natural colour! I'm not good with blonde

Do you have any other projects?
Right now taking a break, but looking to other possibilities

Your favorite Lois and Clark couple?
Reeves, Kidder

Would you like more Chlo-Lo scenes?
I love Chloe! She rocks

Allison Mack!, What a great job creating such a beloved character

Are you feisty and kick-ass like Lois in RL?
oh a little of that is in there! but I am fairly introverted and much more calm

Do you enjoy dressing up like Lois does in RL?
Not really! I enjoy occasional fun! I am a tomboy at heart!

I side with the subconscious knowledge about her man!!!

Your best experience with the show?
Too many to count! Just working with such amazing people. Lots of laughs! And the fans blow me away!! Thanks!

I couldn't always find the specific tweet to which she was responding, so a few of the above might sound a little cryptic.

See Erica's entire Twitter stream for tonight at @CW_EricaDurance.
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