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Smallville in Entertainment Weekly

I don't think it tells us anything much that we didn't know already, but here is a scan of what Michael Ausiello has to say about Smallville in the May 14, 2010, issue of Entertainment Weekly:

Clickable thumbnail of the whole page:

Here's the description of Salvation from the What to Watch section, just because it made me laugh:

BTW, if you're a LOST fan, this issue is worth checking out. Almost the entire magazine is devoted to the show, and it's pretty cool. There are ten different covers, I was very happy to get Sawyer on mine! :)

And it only seems appropriate to quote him after seeing the episode stills for Salvation today. SON OF A BITCH!! I saw it coming, but I didn't want to believe it. Tess!! *cries*

Is this Lois after the kiss?

A few others:

Clickable thumbnails of the rest:

Episode stills courtesy of TV Overmind, with my thanks!
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