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Smallville 9x20 - Sacrifice - I worship at the television altar — LiveJournal
Smallville 9x20 - Sacrifice
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tariel22 From: tariel22 Date: June 8th, 2010 10:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
If I had the AI's address I'd send it a "Universe's Worst Dad" mug.

LOL! No kidding! I resolved after the FoS reboot in Abyss to let go of my anger toward Jor-El, but it hasn't been easy.

While I wouldn't want to have him as a regular cast member I do think he'd be a perfect recurring baddie next season.

That would be cool, especially because he has it in for Tess in such a big way. The actor did a good job of transforming the character after she shattered his life.

I wasn't sure if it was referring to to Isis as much as an indication Chloe had set up her own non-profit front for Watchtower just as Lana had done when she needed a cover for her shenanigans.

That actually makes more sense. At least she has a cover story; I've been wondering why Lois wasn't curious about how she spends her time and pays her bills.

I'm getting tired of the darkneess, literally and figuratively! SV bring on the light in season 10 please!

I think we're all ready for this show to look more like a Superman story, and less like a Batman one.

Thanks so much for your comment! I'm sorry to be so unforgivably late with my reply.
20 comments or Leave a comment