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Smallville 9x19 - Charade - I worship at the television altar — LiveJournal
Smallville 9x19 - Charade
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From: (Anonymous) Date: April 27th, 2010 03:59 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Emotional episode...

Tariel, I don't have any issue with you being critical nor do I think you are over critical by any stretch of the imagination.

I think we all have our own levels of where something goes from being critical to just being negative. Where that distinguishing mark falls really depends on who we are as people and how we approach things. It's going to be a different line for everyone.

For me, the difference comes in when I legitimately feel like that person writing the review is choosing to look at every possible scenerio in the worst possible light for the characters. It doesn't mean that that person is wrong. It just means that I'm clearly on a different wavelength from them. At tat point, we are not only are we seeing the show differently....but we clearly approach life in a different way.

I just tend to not be an overly critical person period. I've been a Professor at the College level so I've spent plenty of time in my career analyzing and breaking things down and coming up with critique. It's my job to come up with counter arguments. That being said, I'm also a pretty optimistic person. I believe the best in people unless they give me reasons to think otherwise. And even then...I usually tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. (Make no mistake, this is not ALWAYS a good thing. As we all know, this can be a personality flaw as much as an admirable trait.)

This often transfers to the way I view material. I tend to give writers the benefit of the doubt and I tend to see things in an optimistic light. If there is a hole in a story, I usually am able to fill in the gaps with something positive rather than negative. But my way of doing things isn't right or wrong. It just is what it is.

I will say that I have taken offense in the past to this idea that is out there that people who are more critical about material are somehow more "honest" or "insightful." (I've never seen you do this but I think you might understand the idea that I'm bringing up.) Many times, I've asked myself the same questions that everyone else has asked and just come to a different conclusion. Maybe the conclusion is that it doesn't bother me. It doesn't make me any less honest or insightful about the show.

So make no mistake, I have no problem at all with people being more critical than I am about the show. I appreciate seeing a different perspective and I appreciate hearing different ideas. They may never change my mind or my view....but it's still nice to know what other people think. I just find that for my own personal sanity it's better for me to stick with people who lean on the side of optimism. But that's true in every facet of my life...not just Smallville. :)Thank you for letting me participate in the conversation.

tariel22 From: tariel22 Date: April 29th, 2010 02:40 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Emotional episode...

For me, the difference comes in when I legitimately feel like that person writing the review is choosing to look at every possible scenario in the worst possible light for the characters.

Well, there are certainly people like that in this fandom. Most of the ones I've encountered had their hopes pinned on a certain outcome for their favorite character, and are unable to let go of their bitterness over the fact that those hopes were dashed. When I start to hate a show, I stop watching and walk away, but it's not for me to dictate what other people should do. I just don't like it when they pour all their energy into harshing the squee of the fans who still love the show. Like me. :)

I fanwank a lot, watching Smallville, and I let go of a lot of things that outrage other people. I'm more forgiving of Oliver than a lot of people, for example, and I know myself well enough to admit it's mostly because I adore Justin Hartley, which is a truly terrible reason. :) But then I have things that are deal breakers for me, and those I can't seem to get over at all, no matter how trivial they might seem to somebody else. It's very personal to me, and my life experience, and I recognize that.
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