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Smallville: Brian Peterson talks to IGN

Brian Peterson talks to Eric Goldman from IGN.

This quote makes me think that Chloe will be back in S10:

"Definitely. I would say we're not quite at that point yet, but that definitely was a plan for something we want to pay off as the series wraps up, whenever that may be."

Smallville Producer Talks Metallo's Return, Maxwell Lord's Debut and More
What's to come for Clark Kent as Season 9 comes to a close and Season 10 ramps up.
by Eric Goldman

April 15, 2010 - It's been a very busy season for Smallville, which has seen the introduction of several new heroes and villains from the DC Comics universe, and Clark Kent getting ever-closer to becoming Superman – which has included him wearing a familiar S shaped logo on his shirt, and a relationship with Lois Lane.

Proving once again how durable it is, Smallville has recently been renewed for a remarkable 10th season – an achievement very few series can also claim. As we head into the last few episodes of Season 9, I had the chance to speak to one of Smallville's showrunners and executive producers, Brian Peterson, about what's to come in the weeks ahead – including the return of Metallo, Martha Kent and Perry White and the debut of Maxwell Lord. We also discussed the current status of Lois & Clark and Chloe & Oliver and more.

IGN TV: Let's jump into this week's new episode and the return of Metallo.

Brian Peterson:
We were really excited to have Brian [Austin Green] back, because he did such a great job as Metallo. He was pretty much the quintessential Metallo, we thought, but what's funny is that he comes back in really different capacity than we saw him the first time, and in fact kind of plays the protagonist for the episode, because Clark ends up infected with red kryptonite. And so you have Clark and Zod teamed up against poor Metallo, so it's a very different switch-up.

IGN: As we're going into these final episodes and Zod now has these powers, will he be taking center stage a bit more?

I would say it's pretty balanced. Clark has a lot of other things on his plate, like Lois and Checkmate and Tess and Chloe. So it's actually pretty balanced. He takes center stage in a couple episodes, but I would say not in the full run.

IGN: Clark has been wearing a sort of prototype version of the Superman suit, and he's definitely acting more like a superhero than we've ever seen. But he's also got some darker moments that remind us he's not Superman yet – he's a little more threatening with Tess and some characters than maybe Superman would be. Is that an interesting dynamic for you to explore: the guy figuring out what kind of a hero he's going to be?

Yeah, Al [Gough] and Miles [Millar] from the start created a world and a character where we got to explore all the different kinds of missing emotional pieces that a person would go through when they're deciding to become the world's ultimate superhero. We've really tried to continue that, because obviously somebody doesn't make a massive decision to accept their destiny like Clark eventually will without a lot of weighing the pros and cons and going a little too far in one direction or another. We promised this would be Clark's darkest hour, and that's what we're doing. We're really showing when you become a god, when you've taken it upon yourself to be the city's savior, are there moments when you have to look back and go, "I'm never gonna go there again." And so that's what we've been doing.

IGN: "Absolute Justice" had a lot of tantalizing moments. We saw that glimpse of the red cape that Clark was shown by Doctor Fate, and we also had an interesting mention from Fate to Chloe about her destiny. Will that be something that we delve into more going forward?

Definitely. I would say we're not quite at that point yet, but that definitely was a plan for something we want to pay off as the series wraps up, whenever that may be.

IGN: The Chloe/Oliver dynamic is one that's gone over very well with a lot of fans. Was that something that was fun for you guys to get to explore this season?

It really felt organic to who each of those characters are, because they've been through a lot when it comes to love and allegiances, and to have a relationship on the show that isn't so filled with angst and riddled with romance and all the problems that go with there… It really felt like it was right to have those two characters be a counter-balance to Lois and Clark, and obviously Tess and Zod have a little more sadistic relationship. I think it's been really fun. It's really fun to see those two, and then the actors have really embraced it too – Allison [Mack] and Justin [Hartley], I think, have really enjoyed playing something that kind of feels real and what a real person would be going through in their situation.

IGN: You mentioned Lois and Clark. That's obviously a very famous, iconic couple. Lois had been on the show for several years. Did you feel like this was just the right time to finally see what these two are going to be like as a couple?

We definitely wanted to be true to Clark's heart, and even after he broke up with Lana, he was still dealing with the wounds and being in love with Lana, so after last season, where that kind of was healed a little bit, we finally got a chance to see the two of them exploring the feelings that they have for each other. I think they don't quite know how to handle those feelings, because Clark is having two separate relationships with Lois, as Blur and as Clark, and Lois is torn because there is this iconic, amazing hero she kind of has a duty toward, and then she kind of has a romantic love for Clark. So that really all climaxes in this last run of episodes that we have.

IGN: You teased Clark's glasses a bit a few episodes ago. I'm just curious if we might be seeing Clark wear them a little more going forward?

You will have a quick peek at the glasses in the finale.

IGN: Tess has been an interesting character, because she's been so ambiguous, going back and forth in her loyalties and playing both sides. But Ollie pushed her away pretty hard last week. Where does she go from here? Does this maybe push her into a darker path, because she's been rejected by the heroes?

Tess, even though she means well underneath, always hitches her wagon to the wrong star and is kind of lost without somebody to fight for. Now, in a way, Clark has rejected her, Oliver has rejected her, and she and Chloe, in these next few episodes, kind of come to a head. She really is a bit lost, and there's one person who enters the picture in "Hostage," episode 21, who has a big impact on Tess.

IGN: Might that have anything to do with a certain Mr. Lord?

There is an appearance of Maxwell Lord in 21, and I don't want to tease any more about that, because that episode is all about the secrets and the fun – In addition to the fact that we have this really fun "Look Who's Coming To Dinner" Martha-and-Perry episode – but underneath it there's also some fun secrets, so I don't want to give away too much on that.

IGN: Can you talk just a little bit about bringing Martha and Perry back? I know a lot of people are excited to see both of those characters.

Well, we were just glad that it worked out. It was a long time in the making. To have both of them back on the show in the same episode was something we'd been really trying for. It's fun. It's very heartwarming to see Martha back and to see how much Clark has grown since she left, and how much she's grown as a character, and so I think it's just a very back-to-basics fun, yet heartwarming Smallville episode.

IGN: Not being able to fly has been a continuing issue for Clark, so I keep waiting for him to see that Zod can fly and go, "OK, this is just not fair anymore!" Will there be some motivation for Clark to finally get past that power-block at some point?

There will be. I think right now, Clark is still… Especially seeing how dark some of these Kandorians are going right now, his denial of who he really is underneath -- as much as he's trying to embrace it -- is actually even heightened right now, because he sees the darker side of his Kryptonian birthright. So I think, right now, more than any time, he's fighting giving into mentally accepting everything that he is, if that makes sense. It won't be right now that he's toying with those ideas, but soon. Soon.

IGN: Getting the early pickup for Season 10, and comfortably knowing that you're going into the finale and you have another season, I would imagine is very freeing. You can plot ahead for the next season, with the certainty it's going to happen.

It was. It was very liberating to be able to have a final goal in mind for the season and then look toward next season, but there's a lot that we're still discussing about next season. Unfortunately I can't really give up much about next season… but it's gonna be great.

IGN: This is a long-running show where fans have become quite invested, and because of that, everyone wants to make sure that it does have a proper finale when it does finally wrap up. Do you have any idea if Season 10 will be the final one, or is it still up in the air?

I have learned never ever to guess about that. [Laughs] Because I would have been wrong probably three or four years by now. I don't know. That's about all I can say on that. I'm sorry, but I do not know.

IGN: Lastly, as a big comic book fan, I think, like many, I was tantalized in "Absolute Justice" when the mention of Apokolips came up, and even just the idea of Darkseid in some form appearing on the show seemed to be teased. Anything you can say about that and if we'll see at some follow-up to Amanda Waller's little mention there?

Umm, we have several ideas for next year. I would say if you look closely in the finale, you will see one little follow-up toward that, but I think only the hardcore fans will recognize it.

IGN: Well, I think the good news is you have quite a few hardcore fans.

Yeah, we do. We do! Thank God for them.

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