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Rumored/fake spoilers for the Smallville season finale

In case you missed it over the weekend, someone on The Superhero Hype! Boards who calls himself Anarky posted what he says are spoilers for the season finale of Smallville. I have no doubt that they're fake, but they're also an interesting take on what could happen. When asked on Twitter if the script the poster referenced was real, Al Septien, one half of the writing team for the finale, would only say that it was "clever," and that his advice was to not read spoilers. He also reiterated in a separate tweet that he believes Clark fans will be happy with the finale.

Anyway, here are all of Anarky's posts outlining what he claims will happen in the finale. It's very detailed, so if you think there's any possibility that his spec hits close to home, or that there's even a kernel of truth to his story, and you don't want to be spoiled, stop reading now.

9.22 - Salvation SEASON FINALE Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Post #76:

New to the boards, but been here for along time reading. I have read the second half of the script on how the season ends. If you don't want to know do not read.

All of the clone Kryptonians die and turn to dust due to a biological disease unleashed by Checkmate. Zod is the last clone left in the end due to him having powers, but is slowly dying. His last act is saving the JSA from Checkmate. The media witness him using his powers, and when he dies, they believed him to be The Blur. Clark decides to halt his relationship with Lois so he can focus on what is coming ahead, and he throws away the black Blur outfit. Ollie asks Clark if he is quiting the JSA, and he tells him that he is tired of fighting in the shadows and wants to fight in the light. The camera then focuses on Clarks red jacket. The final scene is Maxwell Lord in a Limo telling the driver where he was being taken to, and the driver tells him that the master is disappointed with him. Maxwell pleads with the driver to stop and that he is sorry, when the driver tells him....that is something that you need to take up with Darkside.

All I know is that the CW better be giving Smallville an even bigger budget to be able to pull this off.


Post #81:

Just asked my friend about a few things that I didn't get to read. Because I was wondering about the symbol myself. The answer was lame:

The public just assumes that Zod is the Blur because of witness desciptions of what the Blur looks like, and that he has the wealth to to do it. And the thing with the other Kryptonians is that their powers give out on them because Zod' blood isn't pure enough to work in them. They need Clarks blood to be able to keep their powers.

Now here is something crazy:

I asked where is Chloe during the Episode, and the answer was that at the beginning of the episode Chloe uses the Legion Ring to escape from being killed by Checkmate pawns. The episode before this one, Ollie and Clark talk with Chloe about it being to dangerous being watchtower, and they want her to step down. She refuses because she wants to be out there with the JLA fighting side by side, but since she can't, being Watchtower is the next best thing. When Ollie leaves, Clark gives her the ring as an escape route in-case of being threatened with death.


Post #84:

[The source of my] info I can't give out. I am not getting them in trouble over me posting the script info. Sorry. This was the first time that the person I know had a shooting script with them, and said knock yourself out when I asked to look at it. Wasn't a bounded script, was a loose one and the person I know only had half of the whole script. I will tell you that the person isn't part of the shooting production team(actors, director, film crew).


Post #95:

Just got back from dinner with said person and a few of our friends. Was told that the script is the final draft, and if there were any changes to it, it would be minor because they have to lock in location/FX/post by a certain date.

The JLA is minor again except for Hawkman and Ollie.The appearances are like the Doomsday episode, but this time Clark makes the decisions for the team and starts to become a leader which the JLA are ready to follow anywhere. Emil Hammilton is now Watchtower, and promises Clark and Ollie to try and create sometype of device which could locate Chloe. The whole break up of Lois and Clark is on both their parts. Clark knows he can't juggle being the Blur and be by Lois's side, and Lois wants to end it because she wants to put 100% into her career. That decision came about with Lois and Perry having a one on one from the previous ep. The virus that ends up killing the Kryptonians is a backwards engineered virus that Checkmate created using the virus that the Kryptonians created at the beginning of the season. So you could say that their end is really the fault of Zod. The whole thing with Zod being a hero in the end of it all is to pretty much show Clark that people can change, which is the opposite of the whole Davis Bloome is a killer no matter what from last years season final. Amanda Waller isn't in the ep because she was forced out of Checkmate by Maxwell Lord. I asked about what are the ideas for the final season. My friend told me that they are not calling it the final season, but they know it is. Nothing is set in stone as for what happens in the "final" season. Was told that DC has been sending the offices info and art for characters that the writers requested. Asked which characters, which my friend had to describe to me because said person doesn't know the comics that much. From what was described, I made out the characters of: Ray Palmer/The Atom, either the Spectre or Deadman...not sure about which one because of the description, and a couple of New Gods which is not including Darkside.

That's all the info I have guys. I personally think that the final will be pretty cool, but I am really waiting for the final season. Cheers


Post #112:

Hey Craig, I know you have your sources, and that is cool. But I have sources also. And if you go back to post #95, the talk between Perry and Lois isn't in the finale, it is from a previous episode. I will say that I did type in "JSA" where I meant to say JLA...even if they don't have a name for their team yet. Also, I see there is a lot of new users signing up for the board, and if the admin wants to check the IP's that is "super" cool with me...because it isn't me. Now, the thing about spoilers is that you won't really know until the episode airs, but I would bet the ownership of "Kryptonsite" that I am right. Cheers.

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