tariel22 (tariel22) wrote,

Sofia Vassilieva confirmed for Hellcats?

Are we one step closer to confirming last month's rumor that Sofia Vassilieva has been cast in Hellcats? The Futon Critic lists her in the role of Patty "The Wedge" Wedgerman, but with a question mark. They also have the notation (FKA) next to Robbie Jones' name. Does that stand for Formerly Known As, indicating that a name change is in the works for his character? Luis was originally conceived as a person of Cuban descent, but Robbie, an African American actor, was subsequently cast in the role.


Aly and Ashley are now in Vancouver, getting ready to film the Pilot:

Photo of Aly and Ashley arriving in Vancouver on April 4, 2010, courtesy of Ashley Tisdale Visuals. Click for BIGGER.

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