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Smallville: What is your favorite Martha moment?

Michael McKean has let us know via Twitter that he and Annette O'Toole are in Vancouver right now, filming Hostage! First he posted these tweets:

And then he posted this pic!! *dies*

Click for original in full size.

Are you guys as excited as I am to see Martha and Perry back on Smallville?! With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to share both our favorite moments of the past with these two characters, and our hopes for what we'll see when they return. Post yours in the comments! Include a cap if you feel like it, or just tell us about your favorite scene, and also what you would most like to see in Hostage. I'll start!

My favorite Martha scene is in Solitude. Clark's battle with Brainiac is over (for the moment), and Martha has been brought back from the brink of death. Clark finds her in the barn, enjoying the simple pleasures of just being alive, and tries to tell her what she means to him.

Screen cap by acampbell.

Martha: Hey, you.
Clark: Mom, you okay?
Martha: Yeah. It's amazing how wonderful a rainstorm smells when you think you'll never smell one again.
Clark: I can't imagine what it would be like if you were gone.
Martha: The hardest thing in life is losing the people you love, but you'd learn to move on. We all do.
Clark: It wouldn't be easy. Dad's given me so much, I could never measure. But you're my heart, my soul.
Martha: Well, I... I don't plan on going anywhere for a long, long time.
Clark: Good.

What I want to see in Hostage is a heart-to-heart between mother and son, where Clark talks about all that he is facing at this moment in his life, the challenges he must overcome and the decisions he has to make, his role in the world and the destiny that lies before him, and Martha offers him comfort, support, and advice. If this turns out to be the last time we get to see Martha, I want her appearance to be about Clark, and I want it to be truly meaningful.

My favorite Perry scene is really difficult to choose. He was only in one episode, but every scene is a gem, and I could pick any one of them. But I have to go with the last scene of the episode, where he gives us a glimpse of Clark's iconic future. As he speaks those prophetic words and then departs, and Clark stands tall and beautiful in the sunlight, watching him go, I get chills. Every single time.

Screen cap by acampbell.

Perry: You really are kind of a freak, you know that?
Clark: Mr. White...
Perry: I'm serious. You try to help people, even fools like me, and you never ask for anything in return. When I saw your face up there after it was all over, I suddenly realized I was about to tear down a good person. I just couldn't believe there was actually anyone like you out there.
Clark: Trust me, Mr. White, I'm not that good.
Perry: Well, I'm just glad nobody got hurt. Chalk it up to hallucinations or the DTs. All I know is, I got a wake-up call. I am, uh, exactly seventeen hours and five minutes sober.
Clark: Well, I'm glad some good came out of all this. So what's next?
Perry: Well, if you found the guts to go over that cliff, maybe I can find the courage to finish the one story I let go.
Clark: Something tells me the world hasn't seen the last of Perry White.
Perry: Something tells me you're right. Rumor has it I still have a friend or two on the Daily Planet. Oh, uh, by the way, I, uh, I went over a couple more of your Torch stories.
Clark: And?
Perry: Well, they're rough, and half the time you bury the lead, but I see a glimmer of hope. If you ever make it to Metropolis, look me up. I owe you one.

What I want to see in Hostage is, of course, a reunion between Clark and Perry, and a callback to their first meeting. I want them to talk about Clark's future at the Daily Planet, and how he can make a difference as a reporter, with bonus points if we get a scene with Clark, Perry, and Lois together at the DP.

So what about you guys? Tell me the scenes you already love, and the ones that would make your dreams come true!
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