tariel22 (tariel22) wrote,

Smallville: Episode stills from 9x17

I know everyone has already seen these stills from Checkmate, but I had to post the BIG pretty. How cool is it that Clark is the focus of the promo pics for this episode? And what amazing pics they are! These first two are easily among the most beautiful pics of Tom Welling I've ever seen. Click for BIGGER.

Okay, is this my Superman or what? *swoons*

I love the intensity of this one. And the eyes. And the lips. *thud*

My other faves. Love the profile in the last one. Click for BIGGER.

Whatever else S10 has in store for us, the promise of 22 episodes of this gorgeous man and his perfect portrayal of Clark Kent is all I need to be one happy fangirl. *twirls*
Tags: picspam, smallville, tom welling
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