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Aly Michalka mentions Hellcats on Loveline

Because I am obsessed with anything to do with Tom Welling, I tracked down another tidbit about Hellcats. This is what Aly Michalka had to say about the show on Loveline last night. Make of it what you will. :)

Dr. Drew Pinsky: Can you talk about your upcoming project?

Aly Michalka: Yeah, of course! I was just telling Dr. Drew that I got exciting news this past week, that I booked the lead in a new CW drama called Hellcats, and I'm going up to Vancouver to shoot the pilot in a couple of weeks.

Dr. Drew: And it's about?

Aly: It's about competitive college cheerleading. It's cool, it's got a lot of great energy.

Dr. Drew: Is it going to be a Glee-esque kind of thing?

Aly: It's kind of got a Glee vibe to it, yeah, but it has the drama aspects of like, Gossip Girl, and I think that females will be able to really relate to the characters, but it's got an edge to it, it's got definitely an edge to the show, and my character has kind of a cool vibe about her, and she's a really strong person, strong-willed.

Dr. Drew: So I was asking Aly, do you have dance in your background, and she was, oh, yeah, part of a competitive hip-hop team, for 13 years competitive dancing is all I did. Right?

Aly: Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Drew: People don't know that about you.

Aly: No, I guess not.

Dr. Drew: So you're going to be able to display some of those skills, yes?

Aly: Yeah! You know, the audition process was kind of gnarly, it was like, hey, we need you to come in here and learn a dance routine in like, 30 minutes, and a cheer, and I was like, okay, I'm cool. I'm down.


To hear the entire broadcast you have to have a paid subscription, but you can download the first ten minutes (which includes the transcribed portion above) for free from iTunes.

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