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Smallville: Interview with Brian Peterson

Earth's Mightiest Fansites posted an audio interview with Smallville executive producer and showrunner Brian Peterson today. The interview was conducted shortly before Absolute Justice aired. I've transcribed the quotes that I found interesting:

The vision that we had this year was, as Clark is becoming, as he's getting closer to the icon that is or will be Superman, we're trying to merge his world a little more into that world, so it's very intentional that we're bringing more and more DC comic characters in. So, yeah, that's been the idea, bringing in people like Roulette, and the Wonder Twins, and all of the Justice Society. We try to walk the balance of the mythos and then also just our relationships that we have, because we have so many strong, great relationships going on in the show.

[The Justice Society] fits in a perfect time where it illustrates some pretty major things in Clark's life and his journey this season. A lot of it is about leadership, and Clark having to become a leader of his people, once he realizes there are Kandorians here on Earth, as well as Clark trying to figure out the leadership of the burgeoning, what will become the Justice League, so all the lessons from the JSA, that they learned in the past, are going to inform how Clark starts to work with his new league, and with all the Kandorians.

I think [the events of Absolute Justice] have really lasting effects on our characters learning to work together, as far as Clark, and Oliver, and Chloe, they've all kind of gone a few different directions as the season has progressed, especially by the time these episodes air, and it will really help them, I think, find a new place in their relationship.

I think one of the biggest things that we're excited about is the introduction of Amanda Waller and Checkmate into the series. That is going to be a huge part of the end of our run, and Pam Grier is one of the few people I think that can really pull off that iconic role. [Waller] has been such an enigma and such a linchpin in the activities of the Justice League, and working with Watchtower, and all the different kinds of incarnations in the mythologies, and Cadmus Labs, which I don't know if any of the fans remember, Al and Miles did a little wink to Cadmus Labs in the very first season. But she's such an enigma, and such an icon, that I think she's a perfect person to come in and blow the show in a different direction than anybody was expecting it to go, midway through the season. [It] is a surprise to every single one of the characters, no matter what side of the fence they're on. She kind of comes in and changes the game entirely on everybody.

The interviewer asks if the iconic Superman suit is being saved for the very last episode of the series, as Al and Miles always said it would be:

I really don't want to spoil where we're going, but I can say that since Kelly and I have been running the show, our intention is to stay true to Al and Miles' vision.

In response to the suggestion that a Lois and Clark spin-off would be a great idea:

We're trying really hard just to straddle the line of the Lois and Clark relationship while keeping all the great history that has gone on with Chloe and all of our previous characters that have always been on the show, which has always been a really tough kind of tightrope to walk.

On how it feels to be running the show now:

It's always been an overwhelming feeling since the first day I walked into this office, I have to say, because, you know, Superman is so much bigger than any one person, or even crew or cast, and so the fact that we get to flesh out a part of the mythology that was a little bit vacant is so exciting, and the fact that we are now in a place where we can take what Al and Miles started, and merge it into the world that is DC comic books, and will be Superman, is, sadly, probably the most exciting part of my career, even as I look ahead to the next twenty years. And it will probably always be the most exciting part of my career. It doesn't get any better than this.

Listen to the entire interview HERE.
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