tariel22 (tariel22) wrote,

Director named for Tom Welling's Hellcats?

I found a mention of Hellcats, the pilot being developed for the CW by Tom Welling Productions. Trailers from Hell, a site that showcases classic movie trailers with commentary from Hollywood directors, is reporting that one of its gurus, Allan Arkush, is "producer/director of a musical pilot for the CW called Hellcats, about the collegiate competitive cheerleading scene." I'm not sure how accurate this information is (is Hellcats a musical?!), but I thought I'd pass it along for the Tom Welling fans on my flist.

Allan Arkush was an executive producer and director on Heroes for the first three seasons, and he just directed an episode of Life Unexpected that I loved. Here is the trailer for Rock 'n' Roll High School, probably his most famous work:

Tags: hellcats, tom welling productions
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