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Sam Witwer and James Marsters talk about Smallville

I came across a couple of recent podcast interviews that mention Smallville, one with Sam Witwer and the other with James Marsters. Just tidbits, really, but I was interested to hear Sam's take on Doomsday vs. Davis.

SciFi Diner Podcast Episode #52
Posted 02/24/10

Sam Witwer is a fascinating and articulate man, and I loved his entire interview. He talked just a bit about Smallville, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he saw Davis much the same way I did:

I mean, I always looked at it like the Davis part of Doomsday was just camouflage, and so it was the story of this sort of garment that Doomsday wears, and the camouflage began to believe in itself, and so it's the sad story there. I'm not sure that Doomsday himself has a lot of that humanity inside him. I looked at it as like it was a shell, that was necessary for awhile, and then no longer became necessary.

On why he didn't play the Doomsday monster:

I think it was mostly because I'm not 6'5" and as wide as I am tall. Because Tom is 6'4". I'm 6'1", and I'm used to being one of the taller guys on the set, but not on Smallville. On Smallville, they're all giants. I just wasn't big enough. But also, I actually told them, "I don't know that I want to do too many prosthetics on this," and they were cool about that. But simply, if you had me in the suit, it just wouldn't have looked right against Tom. Again, on any normal set, sure, it would have worked, but not against 6'4" Tom Welling, no. He's deceptively tall, that guy. And Justin is also the same way. So, yeah, everyone on that set is very tall. Tall people.

You can download the podcast at the SciFi Diner Podcast web site, or from iTunes.

Sci-Fi Talk Podcast
Posted 02/25/10

James Marsters talked about his recent work, particularly his guest starring role on Caprica, and as always, he was captivating. He mentioned Smallville only briefly, nothing he hasn't said before, but I always love hearing him compliment Tom. On the scenes between Clark and Milton Fine:

Tom is smarter than you think. He's smarter than most people know. And so he was very aware that he was playing a character who is not based in his intellect. As two actors we were very much planning how Clark was going to get manipulated here, and he was in on the gag, you know. So it was very fun.

On being directed by Tom:

He was one of the best directors I've worked with.

Listen to the podcast at the Sci-Fi Talk web site, or download it from iTunes.
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