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Heroes 2.11 - Powerless

I'm going right to the end first. I just can't write this whole thing with my reaction to that roiling inside me. Let's get it out there, right now.

Okay, show, are you messing with me again? Did you really kill Nathan? If he's dead, I can't believe it, because I've always felt that the relationship between Peter and Nathan is the core of this show. And if he's not dead, well, that's just a cheap trick, and you're making me mad. I mean, here we go again?!

In last season's finale, I thought Sylar was dead, done. I knew Matt was dead. I was afraid Peter and/or Nathan might be dead. Turns out, no one was dead. All that summer anguish for nothing? Well, okay, I like all those guys anyway, let's move on. This season, they killed HRG, and with him, me. Killed me dead. But wait, with my tears still wet on my face, he's not dead after all! OMG! Okay, well done, show, but that kind of surprise only works once.

The end of Volume Two looked like it was going to be the perfect happy ending to the virus arc. Listening to Nathan's amazing speech, and watching that glorious montage, I remembered all the reasons I love this show. I never for a second suspected Nathan could be in danger. First of all, he's too important to this story not to be in it. Second, he and Peter just found one another again! Show, even you couldn't be that cruel. Third, we already had the two dead heroes promised in the spoilers. It was Maya and Niki. Sure, Maya came back, but she still counted, right? I wasn't even one tiny bit concerned. And then those shots rang out. I gasped. I held my breath. And amid the confusion that followed, I froze in disbelief, focused only on Nathan, Nathan as he faded, Nathan as he struggled desperately to say Peter's name one more time before the light went out in his eyes. Oh. No.

But no one really seems to believe he's gone. Give him a shot of Peter's blood, he'll be good as new! Kring won't verify the finality of his death, anything is possible. So are we now the show that cried dead hero? As much as I mourn Nathan (wail!), don't undermine the power of that moment by just bringing him back. If you do, I'm afraid I'll never trust another thing I see on this show.

Look how much I've already ranted written, and I've only covered one tiny moment of this episode so far! :) I'll try to keep the rest reasonably concise, okay? Onward and upward!

I admire Peter's heroic instincts. He wants to make a difference, he wants to help people. But man, he makes some dumb decisions! He's too trusting of the wrong people, too quick to commit to a misguided course of action. That's why he and Nathan make such a good team. Nathan brings his knowledge of, and experience in, the real world to the table, and tempers Peter's idealism with a healthy dose of cynicism. Nathan doesn't just make a speech, he sends Matt out to mind whammy the crowd first. Together they might actually strike the balance they need to truly change the world.

So while Peter blindly leads Adam to the key to the devastation of the human race, other heroes race to stop him. It's a big old super-powered testosterone showdown, and it's awesome! First we see Adam and Peter marching down Primatech hallways, security guards careening before them like tumbleweeds on the highway. Peter throws a lightning bolt to silence the security system. It's hot, in more ways than one! Outside, Nathan, Matt and Hiro meet cute, and we're on! Hiro first, but Peter tosses him like a rag doll. Then Matt, but Peter absorbs his power, then bowls him down the hallway. It's up to Nathan, and he pulls out the ultimate weapon. Brotherly love. "You're my brother, Pete. I love you." And all will be right with the world. Well, until it's not. *sighs*

Yeah, I kind of fail at that whole concise thing, don't I? :)

In other stories, I don't think I could love Sylar more. He is so perfectly and unrelentingly EVOL! And so comfortable in his own skin. We all knew he was playing Maya, but the reveal was still delicious. He makes every moment a chilling delight, and I hang on his every word. When he turned, exasperated, and dispatched Maya with a single shot, I cheered! With victory arms! (Yeah, I can't believe they brought her back either. We were robbed!) I have a feeling he is going to rule Volume Three.

I have forgiven Mohinder just a bit. He doesn't necessarily have to die. He's still stupid, and he's ridiculously ineffective against Sylar, but he was sweet with Molly. Was that his "World's Greatest Dad" apron Maya was wearing in the kitchen? Did Matt buy it for him? hee!

I'm liking Elle more each week. I really, really hope they keep her around. Kristen Bell was absolutely wonderful tonight, showing that Elle is equal parts vulnerable and damaged. Your heart aches for the childhood of which she was robbed (could Bob be any more evil?), and you mourn the life she'll never have, but you never forget she can't be trusted, and you never, ever turn your back on her. How cute was the moment when she tasted the sweetness of being someone's savior? I think there's hope for her yet.

HRG's storyline is breaking my heart. He truly is my hero. Whatever he's done, it's always been for his family, and to do what he thought was right. Resurrected, he's still at it, but now it comes at a terrible price. In Cautionary Tales it seemed the show was trying to draw some parallels between HRG and West, but West isn't quite there yet. Faced with Claire's resolve, he saves himself and flees. Buh-bye! Only the original has what it takes to save Claire from herself, and even The Company can see that. So they bring HRG home.

The reunion is beyond touching, but also bittersweet. HRG takes care of business, but has to go all too soon, perhaps never to return. Will Claire heed his wisdom? And what is this deal he's made? Considering it now, my mind turns to a tall, lanky figure walking purposefully away from the scene of Nathan's assassination, and my heart despairs. Please. No. Tell me I'm wrong.

Hiro certainly isn't my sweet, little, waffle-loving, marshmallow man anymore. He has a core of steel as strong as his sword, and nobody knows that better than Adam. Hiro, dude, that was cold.

Finally, we come to the storyline with oodles of potential, none of it realized. I love Monica, I love Micah, I love the idea of St. Joan and her yet-to-be-named tiny sidekick, but the story they've given them just isn't doing it for me. Meh. As far as Niki goes, her death makes sense to me. She's caused way more pain than good, and I'm not sure where they can go with her now anyway. Micah will be tragically orphaned, but he'll still be loved. Although with this show, Niki may be back. Grrr.

So that's it for a while. Maybe a long while. Think good thoughts for the writers, and support them in whatever way works for you. I'm thankful that if this does end up being the end of this year's season, at least we got a complete arc with an awesome finale. You're my show, Heroes. I love you.
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