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Smallville director Mairzee Almas on SHoE podcast

I just finished listening to the SHoE podcast for Smallville 9.10 - Disciple, with special guest Mairzee Almas, the director of the episode, and I cannot recommend it highly enough! The podcast is filled with thoughtful insights, about directing, the characters, and the actors, as well as a wonderfully detailed discussion of the episode itself. It answered a lot of my questions, and gave me a deeper understanding of what happened in Disciple. Smallville fans should definitely check it out!

You can download the podcast at the Starkville House of El Podcast web site, or it's available for free on iTunes (look for episode #140).

For the Tom Welling fans on my flist, I transcribed a few quotes:

When I first came on to Smallville, [Greg Beeman] said to me, that Tom has a vertical learning curve. He may not have a lot of experience yet, but he's real smart, and he's paying attention. And I thought, oh, okay, great. Okay, I'll watch that, see how we go, and he was absolutely right. Tom is an incredibly smart guy. He's paying attention, and he watches other performances, he watches movies, he does his research, he pays attention. He pays attention on set. And he's been doing this long enough that, I think he can get a medical degree in less time than he's been on Smallville. He basically has a PhD in Smallville. And it shows.

He knows what he's doing, and he's stretching, I think he's still finding ways to make it a challenge, and to make it exciting for him, and he's pushing himself, and he's still stretching, and a lot of people by this time in a series have long ago walked away from it, you know, in their enthusiasm. And he doesn't, and he hasn't. He still comes in every day with ideas and fun, and very firm ideas about what he wants to do, and yet still very open to the process. He's a joy, he's been a joy, he's a lovely guy. He's really, truly, he's a lovely guy.

[Tom and Erica] have great charisma. They really like each other. First, you know, as actors, they really enjoy each other's company, and as characters, obviously, there's so much to draw from. Tom [is] obviously such a handsome fellow, but beyond that, he's one of those guys that just, I think he just genuinely, really likes women. He likes women. He likes to be around them, he likes to talk to them, you know, he likes women. And you can feel it. You can really feel it when he's around, like with Erica. He just, the two of them have such lovely charisma together. He just so really likes her, and she so really likes him, and you can see it.

I'd love to see Welling in tights! Just because he's a good-looking guy. He's a sort of a freak of nature in that he is so beautiful. He really is a very beautiful guy. He's a gorgeous guy.
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