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Chuck 1.11 - Chuck Versus the Crown Vic

Watching Chuck and Sarah this week was heartbreaking. They were so out of sync! First you have Chuck with his heart on his proverbial sleeve. He's bummed, convinced Sarah has run off to meet Bryce. Then she shows up, and he's ecstatic! She picked him over Bryce, he tells himself. But wait, she's not here for him, she just has a job to do. He's devastated! But what about that kiss? He doesn't know what to think, and he's a mess. He's angry, he's jealous, he's hurt, he's snarky, he's lost. Poor woobie.

Then you have Sarah. What is up with her? Why is she so angry, and why is she taking it out on Chuck? I think she also doesn't know what to think. She's been falling for Chuck, and those feelings she's having threaten to undermine her entire existence, and redefine who she is. Being with Bryce never did any of that. So she questions herself, and the choices she's made, all the while pushing Chuck away just as hard as she can. In the end, however, she can't be anyone but herself, and she seeks Chuck out.

Their sweet reunion at the Buy More Christmas holiday party, where they agree without words to put their feelings for each other on the back burner, and be friends instead, is lovely. And it works for me. Their situation is beyond complicated, and I can live with this compromise, just don't hurt Chuck any more, okay? So they're dancing, they're smiling, they're adorable, it's all good, and bam! Casey gets the call to be ready to "take care of Bartowski" on his cell. Whaaat?

How creepy was that phone call, anyway? That general is a robot! (I mean in a cold and emotionless way, not literally.) I didn't like the looks of the new Intercept - all the pictures it was flashing were people from Chuck's life. That can't be good. Okay, Casey, don't even think about going there, despite your devotion to orders!

Speaking of Casey, he was awesome as usual tonight. Every grunt spoke volumes! hee! I loved how he cared for his Crown Vic, which is evidently the vehicle of choice of law enforcement agencies across the nation. Can you say transference? :) And he called it shiny!! Hi, Jayne! Then, when his baby was sacrificed to the rogue bomb, he actually looked like he was about to cry. Oh, John, I'm so sorry.

Who knew that Morgan and Anna would model the best relationship of the episode? They were so cute! Admittedly they had a shaky start with Morgan hiding in the bushes, wearing his "wool sweater of lies" and imagining the worst. But then they were completely honest with one another, and they survived the excruciating meet the parents moment intact as a couple. Impressive.

The rest of the Buy More crew was hilarious. From Jeff's jingle bell jester hat and his obsession with spiked eggnog, to Lester's Jewish pride and his dreidel scam, the Nerd Herd had their best week ever! I also loved the carefree exuberance of all the party dancing scenes. Way to get down, people!

The music was fabulous again tonight. I especially loved the little touch of having Burl Ives' Holly Jolly Christmas set the tone in the beginning, establishing this as the official Christmas episode.

I fully support the WGA, and I've pretty much accepted the fact that we'll probably get no more than half a season this year, but man, I'm going to miss my shows. Monday nights in particular, without Chuck, are going to be bleak.
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