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Smallville: Geoff Johns talks to Comic Geek Speak

Thanks so much to polytikal for linking me to this podcast! Geoff Johns, who wrote the script for Absolute Justice, talks to the guys at Comic Geek Speak, and gives us some fascinating insights into his motivation for taking on this project, as well as the challenges and rewards of bringing comic book characters to the small screen.

I've transcribed just a couple of quotes about Stargirl (I cleaned things up a bit, took out the you know's and the false starts), but I encourage you to listen to the entire podcast. It really opened my eyes to the comic book fan's perspective on Smallville, which is different from my own. Plus there's this one part, right after the interview is over, where they all just totally geek out because they're so excited for Absolute Justice, and as someone who's pretty excited for it myself, it was really cool to hear. I encounter so much criticism and disdain for Smallville in this fandom; it was a joy to hear the show I love being celebrated for a change. ♥

Stargirl, aka Courtney Whitmore, is an original character created by Geoff Johns in 1999. She is said to be based on, and created in tribute to, Johns' sister, also named Courtney, who was tragically killed in the crash of TWA Flight 800. Naturally the character is very near and dear to his heart:

There's less action and effects than I would like if we had unlimited money, but the fact is that we have to work in a certain budget, and you have to write to that budget, which was difficult at times, but, it's a challenge and it makes you more creative on certain things, and quite frankly, as great as the action and the special effects are, the best scenes in it, like my favorite scene is between Chloe Sullivan and Courtney, when she asks her, how did you get involved in the JSA and why? It's a really great, heartfelt scene, and Courtney's looking around at Chloe and the Watchtower going, this is your headquarters? Like, where do you guys eat? Where do you hang out? Like, don't you... And she's like, well, we don't, I guess. It's like, well, why? Is it all business? Like the JSA's all about, you know, and so you kind of get a great contrast between those two teams. And they learn something.

I was very adamant about the costume design on Stargirl. And Brian Peterson, who is one of the executive producers, was terrific, because he worked with me on that when we got the designs in. Basically her story is what is in the comics: her stepfather was Star-Spangled Kid's old sidekick, and she got his gear, etc., etc. I saw the first pass, the uniform, and they did what I guess is their natural instinct to do, and what they tend to do is, she had kind of really tight jeans on, and high heels, and she looked great, but Stargirl's more about fun, and exuberance, and you know, kind of in your face. I really wanted her to look adorable rather than hot. She was attractive, but I wanted her to look adorable, and look a little bit more like a cheerleader who was gymnastic rather than kind of a dolled up superhero, like they've done with Black Canary. So they went back, and they put her costume back to what it is in the comics, and they gave her the boots, and the shorts, and she looked great. I love how she turned out. She's got great attitude in the episode, too.

Download or listen to the podcast HERE.
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