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Smallville: Justin Hartley talks to TVGuide.com - I worship at the television altar — LiveJournal
Smallville: Justin Hartley talks to TVGuide.com
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jeannev From: jeannev Date: January 29th, 2010 06:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
Cynical!LaT thinks it's a bone thrown to Chloe fans

Cynical!Me agrees 100%. There's nothing organic about this at all.

I would expect Oliver and Chloe to be involved with Clark's plan to deal with Zod and it does make a certain sense. Clark shouldn't have to go it alone if he's got people capable of backing his play. But that's the problem I see -- Oliver and Chloe aren't capable of backing Clark's play, at least not since the events of Doomsday. And it does sound like they're going to be second-guessing him yet again, nevermind that of the three of them, he's literally the only one best equipped to neutralize Zod.

Well, thats it, exactly. JH isn't talking about how Oliver is going to back up Clark in his battle with Zod. He's talking about how Green Arrow is going to battle Zod, and how he has his own ideas, and thinks he's the person for the job. I don't object to Clark having back-up. But it reminds me of what they did with Oliver and Lex. Suddenly, those 2 were the big rivals, and Oliver was all about taking Lex down. But wasn't the show supposed to be about Clark and/vs Lex? And then Toyman comes on, and guess what? He's all about Oliver. I still don't think he even knows who Clark is, and he has no interest in The Blur.

Frankly, with the shows track record, I need Oliver to be way in the back of the mini-van when it comes to battling Zod. I don't need one, single GA/Oliver vs Zod scene. At all.

26 comments or Leave a comment