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Smallville: Justin Hartley talks to TVGuide.com

One more Justin Hartley interview, with Natalie Abrams for TVGuide.com. He goes a little more in depth about the upcoming romance between Oliver and Chloe.

Smallville: Justin Hartley Says Chloe-Oliver Are a Go
Jan 29, 2010 12:49 AM ET
by Natalie Abrams

Watch out, Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling), there's a new hot Smallville couple. Justin Hartley reveals to TVGuide.com that his character Oliver will be moving on when the show returns, setting his sights on Clark's go-to gal, Chloe (Allison Mack). Hartley also discusses how Ollie feels about the Lois and Clark pairing, how his relationships will change with and whether the super-show will say farewell this year.

TVGuide.com: How do you feel Oliver is different in the second half of the season?
Justin Hartley:
He's cleaned up a bit, he's shaving, so that's good. I'm guessing he's probably bathing as well, which is probably something new for him. He's back closer to the old Oliver that we're used to, the fun guy. There's a few demons still left in his closet that he's got to deal with. He's not depressed and dark and suicidal.

TVGuide.com: Fans really enjoy the Oliver and Chloe dynamic. Is there a chance the two of them will get together romantically?
Yeah, I think that's in the works. I don't know how long it will last or how far they're going to go with it because we haven't shot that much yet, but that's what's going on right now.

TVGuide.com: Would you want to see him with Chloe over Lois?
No, it's not like he prefers Lois. It's an interesting thing because he's got the love of his life in Lois, and she's happy now. It sounds so cliché, "I just want to see you happy," but I think that Oliver understands that he can't make a woman like that happy and give her what she needs. He's just not that man. What Chloe is asking for is a little bit different; it's more Oliver's speed. Not to downplay it or say it's a convenient thing, they're definitely comfortable together and they understand each other and don't have to put on a front.

TVGuide.com: Will there be any more Tess (Cassidy Freeman) and Oliver hookups?
She threw a knife at me the other day, so yeah, we're going to be working together. I think I pissed her off again, so that's always fun. I don't know if they're going to be involved anymore. I would say no, but then at the same time who knows what Oliver's going to do? He's a dirty bird.

TVGuide.com: How will the relationships among Clark, Chloe and Oliver change in the next few episodes? Are they still at odds about the best way to deal with Zod (Callum Blue)?
Yeah, they are in a way. In spending more time with Chloe, Oliver starts to understand Clark's way a little more. Instead of taking sides, if there were in fact three sides, Oliver has his own view. All three of them think they're the best person for the job. In working with Chloe, I learn more about why Clark looks at things the way he does, and what's wrong with both of our plans. Hopefully we come at it with a three-pronged attack.

TVGuide.com: Does Oliver get to meet Warrior Angel or reunite with Zatanna in "Warrior"? Zatanna does still owe him a wish.
Yeah, I tried to bring that up. I was like, "Listen, I believe she owes me a wish and I believe that I know what I want to cash in on." But I don't work with either one of them. I'm barely in that episode. I'm in the very end and the scene I'm in precludes what's about to happen. It's like a teaser at the end of the episode.

TVGuide.com: What interaction will Oliver have with Zod in the coming episodes?
It's being discussed. Of course if there's a battle between the two of them, Oliver has got to have something, a weapon; it's not a fair fight unless Oliver has some kind of weapon.

TVGuide.com: Do you feel you guys are heading into a series finale or a season finale?
It feels like a season finale. I will say that, but I'll say immediately after that that I have no idea. I don't know. No one has said anything to me either way, but it feels like a season finale just because it seems like there's a lot more story to tell. It seems like people want us back next year.

TVGuide.com: Are you signed on for Season 10?
Yeah, if they want me. If they want me, they can have me back.

TVGuide.com: If this is the last season, do you worry the writers may kill Oliver off?
I don't know if they can kill him. He's alive in the comics much older than me, at least he looks older, so I don't know if they can kill him. I guess they could do whatever they wanted. They could always make him disappear either way. He doesn't live in Smallville or Metropolis, does he? All I have to say is if he's killed, it better be a good one. I don't want to go out like a chump; I want to go out in fireballs.

Are you excited to see a love connection between Chloe and Oliver?

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