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Heroes 2.10 - Truth & Consequences

This week saw three of our heroes making decisions based on misapprehensions, with dire consequences. Twice these decisions resulted in someone's death, and the third hero stands poised on the edge of an action that could threaten the safety of every person with an unusual ability. It seems that Hiro alone sees things as they truly are. Can he save the world all by himself?

Peter has joined forces with Adam to eliminate the dreaded strain 138. He seems more motivated by the need to save Caitlin than to save the entire planet, but whatever. I guess Peter trusts Adam because he healed Nathan, but Adam's objective is the opposite of Peter's. He wants to unleash the virus, either because he is the author of Linderman's theory that crisis will unify the world for positive change, or because he just wants to wipe out the human race. Clearly, living for 400 years makes you just a little bit crazy.

Peter and Adam go in search of Victoria, who developed the strain while working for the Company years ago. After Peter plucks what he needs from her mind, Adam orchestrates her death. That's one. They proceed to Odessa (we come full circle), and the virus.

Maya has put all her trust in Sylar, and I'm not sure why. Stupid, stupid girl. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Personally, I can't wait to see Sylar take her out, although after last week, I'm thinking Mohinder can go first. Yeah, I'm still mad. Anyway, Sylar takes a pretty big chance by bullying Maya into unleashing her power, just so she'll be forced to try and control it herself. And he's totally awesome doing it! He's horrible to her, saying hateful things, and also towering over her physically in a very threatening manner. Which is inexplicably and unbelievably hot! *swoons*

Uh, where was I? Oh, right, so it turns out Maya can control her power, Sylar just had to provide the right motivation (saving him). Awww, does this mean no more hoarse wailing and messy blubbering as Maya helplessly kills legions of innocent bystanders? Darn.

So since Alejandro is now officially nothing more than a third wheel, and he's all up in Sylar's face anyway, Sylar kills him. Actually, he takes a knife and guts him like a fish, and looks pretty damn gleeful in the process. Yikes! That's two. When Maya knocks on the door, he calmly takes off his shirt to befuddle the girl with his manly nakedness, and goes outside. Aooga! Shirtless Sylar alert!! He then proceeds to make out with Maya as he quietly shuts the door on her brother's lifeless body. Dude, you're cold.

Clueless Maya and Sexy Sylar skip off to Mohinder's apartment, where Sylar informs him over the phone that "I convinced the babysitter to take the night off." Wait a minute. Is that three? Mohinder must postpone his trip to New Orleans to rush home.

Claire thinks her father is dead. I wonder if I would see this scene differently if I thought so too, but as it is Claire looks pretty self-involved to me. She's all about how this makes her feel, and how unbearable her loss is. When she contemplates having the Haitian remove all her memories of her father, that just makes me mad. You can't honor someone's memory if you can't remember them! HRG deserves better than that. Grrr.

Claire spots Elle spying on her, and rushes to confront her. There's a face-off in the beach parking lot between the two mighty mites! Seriously, these chicks are both 5'1". It's the cutest little showdown I've ever seen! :) Claire threatens to tell the whole world her secret, in order to defang the Company. Oh, no, this can't be good. Has Claire never seen the X-Men movies? Or Smallville, for that matter? Beeman, you directed Reckoning, for God's sake, you know that when superheroes tell their secrets, people die. I think Elle needs to tell Bob to let HRG go, so he can come talk some sense into his poor, misguided little girl.

Hiro was awesome in this episode. He seemed to take on a new maturity, and is now focused on his responsibility to save the world. I remember when we first met future Hiro in season one, I just couldn't reconcile him with the joyful, fun-loving Hiro who delighted in his power and chased after some silly sword. How could he possibly travel from that point A to that point B? Well, I can see it now.

Hiro has learned the lessons his father's death taught him well. He still travels back in time, but not to try and change it. He goes to observe, to learn, to find the tools he needs to fight evil in the present, and to change the future. Discovering Adam's true intentions, Hiro too sets out for Odessa, and the episode ends with him and Peter in a frozen moment in time, facing each other in what looks to be a terrible fight to the finish. And we have to wait until next week to see what happens! Classic Heroes cliffhanger action.

So what else happened in this episode? Niki reunited with Micah in New Orleans. Meh. I just can't make myself care. The part about Monica becoming Saint Joan, a character in Isaac's comic book, was pretty cool, but her ending up in the bad guys' hands totally stressed me out. And I never want to see a guy hit a girl.

The conversation between HRG and Mohinder only served to convince me even more that Mohinder's an idiot. But did you see Jack Coleman, shirtless, straining to sit up and break free of his restraints? The dude is cut. Who knew?

We got a glimpse of how Elle turned out the way she did, when Bob demonstrated that he is the worst father ever. That scene in the car gave me chills and made me want to cry, all at the same time.

So, this episode was packed with characters. We saw everyone except Nathan and Matt. A lot happened, and many balls were left in the air. I have no idea how they plan to wrap things up next week, the final episode of this arc, but I can't wait to see!
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