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Smallville in TV Guide

Smallville is mentioned in the January 25-31, 2010, issue of TV Guide. Nothing we didn't already know, but it's always nice to see our show get some media attention. Spoilers for the episode that is now airing on February 12.

Thanks to the author of this piece, Damian Holbrook at TV Guide, for keeping Smallville in the spotlight. He's a fan of the show and always gives it good coverage, including a promised article on Absolute Justice next week. You can follow him on Twitter at @damianholbrook.

Click for BIGGER.

ETA: Or read the article online HERE.

And here's a copy of the promo pic used in the magazine (click the thumbnail for BIGGER):

In other news, SHoE has the new trailer for Absolute Justice available for download, and it's awesome! Find it HERE.

And for a whole bunch of Smallville news, including a spoiler that has me OVER THE MOON with joy, check out dawnybee's fabulous post HERE.
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