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Is anyone else out there missing Smallville?

Has everyone seen the new Smallville promo pic for Absolute Justice? The photoshopping leaves something to be desired, but I'm still thrilled about the image. I love that Tom Welling is front and center, and I hope the same proves true for Clark in the episode. Tom's gorgeous, Justin's pretty, and the JSA members look cool. I even like the cityscape in the background. I'm a happy fangirl! Click twice for BIGGER!

Now let's all keep our fingers crossed for some awesome episode stills from this two-hour event, especially some BTS shots of Tom directing!

In other news, I have a little game for anybody who's as obsessed with Smallville as I am (you know who you are). I watched a movie the other night that was filmed in Vancouver in 2002, and you would not believe how many actors in it I recognized from Smallville! I counted 16 on IMDb, but a few of those were glorified extras. Still, I think a hardcore fan could easily spot a bunch, maybe even a dozen. There are also people you'll recognize from a handful of other shows, Supernatural in particular. The movie is called Bang Bang You're Dead, and it's about a high school facing a Columbine-type situation. It's actually a pretty good film. Anyway, if you have 90 minutes to waste and you want to check it out, the whole thing is posted on YouTube:

Part 1 (9:12)
Part 2 (9:57)
Part 3 (9:55)
Part 4 (9:54)
Part 5 (9:49)
Part 6 (9:54)
Part 7 (9:54)
Part 8 (9:54)
Part 9 (9:00)
Part 10 (3:13)

If you watch it, come back and tell me who you found in the comments! No cheating, and if you really want to test yourself, try not to watch the opening credits. :)
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