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Chuck 1.10 - Chuck Versus the Nemesis

Another great episode this week! We had exciting action sequences, romance, family togetherness, holiday fun, and even a couple of death scares. Bryce was back, and Chuck had questions. Overall the episode had a bittersweet tone. Chuck finally reconciles with his best friend, only to lose him again, maybe forever, by the end. At the same time, Chuck finally decides to open up to Sarah and put his heart on the line, only to have that same best friend ask her to join him as he disappears. We're left with a cliffhanger, as Sarah struggles with her choice.

How cute were Chuck and Bryce together? From the moment Bryce demanded Klingon conversation to prove Chuck's identity, I was in geek girl heaven! :) I especially loved the quiet moments, when it was just the two of them, with Bryce trying to explain, and Chuck trying to understand. You could see the easy affection that must have characterized their relationship in the past, as well as Chuck's growing realization that things could never be the same again.

I think one of the hardest things for Chuck to process was the empirical evidence that Bryce was indeed a spy. Whether he was holding the world's biggest hypodermic to Chuck's neck, or dispatching bad guys with a well-placed kick, this was not the Bryce Chuck was looking for. And seeing how well Sarah and Bryce played the spy game together, instantly falling into an old, familiar dance, only served to further undermine Chuck's confidence in his own relationship with his protector. Everything that made this new life of espionage bearable for Chuck was crumbling away before his eyes.

Thanksgiving at Ellie's was a treat. There was so much going on beneath the surface in that scene! Casey was positively dashing in that suit, and I don't think I was the only one who noticed. Did anyone else think the HoYay! was positively off the charts between Casey and Awesome? The writers must be playing it up on purpose now, because I swear every word out of Awesome's mouth sounded like a dirty double entendre! Anna was adorably fierce in her jealous rage towards Ellie - she looked like an angry little kitten. She was the perfect counterpoint to Morgan's oblivious devotion to Chuck's incomparable sister. But the highlight of the meal was Chuck's coded communication to Casey about Bryce, disguised as a baffling recitation of that for which he was thankful. I'm with Awesome on that one, Chuck. That was awfully specific, dude!

The Black Friday B story provided a lot of comic relief, and I loved how the A and B plot lines converged as the climax played out at the Buy More. I especially liked the chance encounter between Bryce and Morgan, where Bryce comes to realize the true impact his actions have had on Chuck's life. Poor Jeff's constant battering was pretty slapstick, but also hilarious. And Lester cowering under the counter, terrified by the hoards of shoppers even as paid assassins roamed freely, was too funny. The pineapple alarm proved to be their salvation!

The action scenes were particularly engaging this week. Several moments took my breath away. First, when Casey ruthlessly shot Bryce, I was shocked. Then, when that car came out of nowhere, looming up in Bryce's window the second before crashing into him, I freaked! Finally, when Bryce shot Chuck at point blank range, I completely fell for it, just for a second, before I remembered the vest Bryce had on earlier. The fight scene in the Buy More was great fun, and Sarah and Bryce were a joy to watch as they took down all the bad guys.

The events of this episode put Chuck on an emotional roller coaster the likes of which we haven't seen since the Pilot, when he had no idea what was happening to him. The impact this time around was much more devastating, though, because Chuck's life is so much more complicated now. The way he found himself inexplicably reaching out to Casey in the end perfectly illustrated the depths of his desperation and confusion. I'm afraid, however, that Casey's blithe assurances that they would get him a "new girl" only added to Chuck's despair. Oh, Chuck, where do we go from here?
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